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Podcasting Your Global Career

Mar 4, 2022

Zack Linton from way down under is our musical guest today. We haven't been to Australia in such a long time, and I think we are long overdue. So strap up your seatbelts because we’re going to take a ride and visit a musician, guitarist and singer-songwriter from Perth, Australia on the west side of the continent. Let's give Zack Linton a warm dHarmic Evolution welcome!

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Now let's get to Zack!

Nestled in soul, and combining a youthful love for Hard Rock and Blues, Zack Linton is a guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer from Perth Western Australia. His lust for the fretboard is only complemented by a strong passion for songwriting, music production and creating sounds that not only have a reminiscent feel and influence, but its own identity. 

What's not to love about an awesome guitar player who writes great songs? Let’s dig in and get to know more about Zack and his music! We got into some really cool discussions about songwriting, creating sounds, production, gear, guitars, amplifiers, of course, we also talked about the massive continent of Australia and maybe Bitcoin mining?? Check it all out here on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution!

More about Zack Linton

Find out more about Zack and hear his music through different platforms. All the links are provided below! Check out his website, social media pages and music platforms that you can visit.



“I just love guitars. It's definitely a big passion, it’s not just playing guitar, playing different ones and buying them when I've saved some money.”


“My goals are to....... I think I've found my sound now that I'm wanting to do and it's kind of writing more based around that – so I want to produce more, produce my own stuff more.”


“It's big on obviously independent artists now, and you need to get your music out there but you don’t really need a record label behind you anymore. So I mean, you can push your own music and it'd be nice to be obviously backed by hundreds of thousands of dollars by a record company, because that's what's going to ultimately get you putting the picture out there. But these days, being able to produce your music and put it out I think is a massive, massive thing. And that's why you've got so many independent artists now and they can actually do that.”



“A big thing for me was actually recording, getting into recording. I think through doing that you find your sound, you find what you're all about, and you find what you want to make. That's what did it for me.”




00:57 Introducing Zack Linton

02:33 Perth as one of the safest cities and how would Zack describe it.

03:31 How did Zack get connected and started with Sofar Sounds?

05:25 How does Zack go about crafting his songs and his process on creating it?

08:20Listen to “Money” by Zack Linton

11:55 The making of the song “Money” and how Zack built the song with the guitars and keys?

13:35 Gigging around Perth and the places Zack played at even during the pandemic.

17:28 Zack as part of a trio and using the electric guitars. 

19:36 How is the environment in Zack’s area for accepting original artists?

21:00 Could you plan a tour in Western Australia that could sustain for a month or two?

22:46 There are a lot of mining sites in their area – gold, iron ore, lithium, or Bitcoin? 

24:17 Zack talks about the gear that he uses.

26:23 Listen to “Balance” by Zack Linton

29:19 Zack tells us about the metaphor behind the song “Balance” and the story of it.

31:03 Zack’s influences as he was coming up as a guitar player.

32:16 When did Zack start his journey to get to where he is now.

34:28 Who are the vocalists that Zack Linton admired?

35:30 What are Zack’s aspirations for as he is moving forward with his career?

36:28 Is the music business supportive on the original side?

37:27 What are the platforms that Zach uses to push his music out?

38:32 Zack's advice to up and coming musicians and his thank you message to the audience.

40:25 Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor


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