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Podcasting Your Global Career

Oct 25, 2019

[11:15] Lunch with my super agent and friend, Eugene Foley

[12:15] A not so good experience at a hotel in Meherrin

[25:10] The life-changing Prison experience that Larry went through

[30:52] Listen to the song that started the James O’Connor Agency “Connected”

Early morning of October 14th, Columbus Day. That’s...

Oct 18, 2019

We’re in my home state of New Jersey today, and joining us is Matt O’Ree, a legendary Rock and Roll artist. You better strap up your seat belts ladies and gents,, cause it’s going to be a Rocky ride.

[2:55] Matt narrates his experience performing at The Stone Pony (The Stone Pony, located in Ocean...

Oct 11, 2019

[13.15] Death of a fellow Marine
[13:58] The war experience in Iraq
[18:40] Find out how Akshay learned to adapt to the war environment
[19:03] The positivity and power of journaling
[21:56] Introduction to “Fearvana”
[33:18] Akshay’s mentor, and how he fought through PTSD
[43:19] Find out how you can learn more...

Oct 4, 2019

“How do we get people to believe?” Archbishop Christine Mercy Johnson explains on the dHarmic Evolution

Interview Highlights:

[3:00] Archbishop Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson gives a background of her faith and the path she took to be an Anglican Archbishop with the Worldwide Anglican Church

[8:18] Her Grace...