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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jun 26, 2020

Cynthia Brando, Why Artists Are Prone To Sadness, Depression, and Suicide.

Joining me on the show today is Cynthia Brando.

A talented singer and songwriter, Cynthia is Based in L.A and has a recognizably unique and silky voice. She has over the years performed in many venues, festivals, homes, and as a street performer...

Jun 19, 2020

With all the demonstrations going on in the country right now, I think it’s important that we focus on how we can best solve the situation that’s slowly getting out of control.  

Earlier this week, my brother shared with me an article by Tom Bergeron which featured Pastor Soaries. The article is a quick summary of...

Jun 12, 2020

Joining us on the show today is Rick Caballo. Rick is a full reflection of art and creativity as a full-time passion and career. Now based in Nashville, Rick was born and raised in Wollongong, Sydney, Australia.

Being a musical artist, Rick has played for audiences across Australia, the USA, and Europe. As a songwriter,...

Jun 5, 2020

Special Thanks to Tom Robinson from Beyond Today Magazine

Beyond Today Magazine source

It’s been 75 years since D-Day, June 6, 1944, when Western Allied forces during World War II launched the largest invasion in history with...