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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jun 12, 2020

Joining us on the show today is Rick Caballo. Rick is a full reflection of art and creativity as a full-time passion and career. Now based in Nashville, Rick was born and raised in Wollongong, Sydney, Australia.

Being a musical artist, Rick has played for audiences across Australia, the USA, and Europe. As a songwriter, he’s won numerous accolades and has been nominated for several more. He has a natural passion for artistic creativity, and can easily multi-task multiple projects as a musician, photographer, fashion designer, graphic, and web designer.

Getting into design

Growing up as a little kid, Rick was always in love with the design. He found himself drawn to anything that involved creativity as a working process.

While still performing as a music artist, Rick started a screen-printing and branding company in Australia that grew to be a massive source of income for him.

Despite having a deep passion rooted in music and striving to be a major rockstar in Australia, Rick’s constant struggles to make it big eventually led him to accept that he was just as talented and blessed in working as a branding creative as a musician.
With time, he learned to accept and embrace this reality, and this has in turn led him into a successful career working as a branding principle in this successful company alongside his wife Melissa Core.

Rick’s working experience as a branding manager.
As the co-founder and manager of Deadhorse branding. Rick has had the pleasure of working with several top producers, singers, and songwriters.

He finds joy in working with a diverse group of artists in the entertainment scene and helping them establish their brand and find their identity.

He, however, notes that despite being so talented, some of the current young generations of artists are setback by poor work ethic which is characterized by lack of consistency, hard work, and persistence.

Social media has influenced so many of the young artists into subconsciously being demotivated and only shooting for short term gratification.

Recently a Dad, Rick enjoys the experience of being a father to his newly born daughter, Felix Rose, who is a cornerstone and source of joy for him and his wife.

As a creative brand manager, Rick finds joy and fulfillment in helping artists find and live by a brand identity that suits them. In return, Rick has also learned so much about music, song-writing, and fashion through the numerous clients who reciprocate their knowledge with Rick.

Stay tuned and find out why staying focused on one particular niche and branding yourself is the key to any successful career.


(4:24) How Rick got into Branding and Fashion
(11:05) The problems affecting the current generation of artists
(14:17) How Rick met his wife
(19:51) A snapshot of Rick’s daily life
(24:32) The joy and experience of being a new dad
(26:40) Deadhorse Branding marketing
(31:01) What Rick enjoys most about his work


"My first love is design. Whether it's fashion, photography, artwork, c.d covers. Any creative outlet to me is design" - Rick Caballo on his passion for design

"To be a great artist, you need to first experience the humble work ethic of following your passion and performing your art even with no pay or a small audience".

"Branding is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, effective, solid branding is the key to successful PR marketing".

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