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Podcasting Your Global Career

Nov 27, 2020

Our guest today is a young man who has made a name for himself in the music industry. He is a self-taught producer, audio engineer, musician, singer and songwriter. “Complementary”, his first EP was released May of this year and people are raving about it. Let’s welcome all the way from Maryland, Vicu!

His songs...

Nov 20, 2020

Today we’ve got something special - a young lady who is just a badass in rock and roll with an intense passion for audio engineering, guitars, and blues music. Wow! This girl is one of a kind!

Our guest for today is just 19 years old, yet her talent is so palpable. Let’s welcome on the show, musician, vocalist,...

Nov 13, 2020

Welcome to episode #294 of dHarmic Evolution

I am so excited about today’s show because we are graced by the presence of a very versatile artist. She is a vocal coach, singer-songwriter, and also an author. Not to mention her notable collaborations with famous artists like Sean Diddy and Mary J. Blige to name a few....

Nov 6, 2020

Welcome to episode #292 of dHarmic Evolution

Today’s show is very special. I will be featuring four of the best interviews I have done on the dHarmic Evolution. The links to the full interviews will be shown below.

Let’s indulge in the stories and music of these singer-songwriters, vocalists, and musicians who are...