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Podcasting Your Global Career

Nov 13, 2020

Welcome to episode #294 of dHarmic Evolution

I am so excited about today’s show because we are graced by the presence of a very versatile artist. She is a vocal coach, singer-songwriter, and also an author. Not to mention her notable collaborations with famous artists like Sean Diddy and Mary J. Blige to name a few. Let’s give it up for Asiah Million!

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Asiah is one of seven siblings. Growing up, she is surrounded by music all across the board. Hence, she is greatly influenced by her family from sharing interests with her siblings, admiration of her mother’s strength, to motherhood with her wonderful children, Taiwan, and Ocean.

New Book: “Dreams, Love, and Music Lifestyle Revised”

Together with her new book, Asiah has written tracks to go along with the chapter titles. This will soon be released as an album, so watch out for it!

Moreover, Asiah has fascinatingly tied her music to the stories in her book. This was born out of the desire to be true to herself and do something that really makes sense. Owing to the fact that Asiah knew she can better express herself through music, and that is her truth. She wanted to tell a story but wanted to do it musically so that it could be authentic.

Let’s get to know about the stories and adventures that came along with writing and making her singles:

Firstly, “DLM” was done at her home last June. She felt alone and was a little depressed at this time because of the pandemic. Consequently, this has been her inspiration to write this song to give a good vibe to everyone because there was just so much going on. Her son has helped her with the arrangement and recording of the song; the track is done by the great musician, Arden Altino.

Secondly, in the book, Asiah talked about what gives her the drive, and that’s how she found her purpose. As a result, she was able to write the song “Driven”. Music is so powerful to Asiah’s life that it can make her forget about the negativities in life. That is why she started doing the songs for each chapter of the book. She wanted to inspire people to get up, get out, and do what they’ve got to do.

Lastly, “Her Story” is chapter one in the book. This was about a young lady telling her story to Asiah. It was about how the girl got out of one relationship that held her back. Then she met a guy who totally supported what she was doing.

Get to know more about Asiah

The best place to connect with Asiah is through her Instagram, @TheContinent. In addition, get to know more about her music and books from the websites listed below.


3:20 On tying music to the stories in her books
5:13 Listen to “DLM” (Dreams, Love, and Music) by Asiah Million
10:00 Studio process and journey on creating the song “DLM”
13:10 On being one of seven children in the family
20:14 Listen to “Driven” by Asiah Million
23:28 The adventure of writing the book and sharing it musically
27:03 How are things now in New York?
30:21 What is Asiah’s favorite thing to do when she goes into the studio and work with people?
33:13 Asiah’s favorite setup in the studio as far as instrumentation
34:28 Story behind the Asiah’s song “Her Story”
35:17 Listen to “Her Story” by Asiah Million
41:51 Asiah’s writing process
45:22 What is her take on Spotify?
48:42 Connect with Asiah
51:31 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor


4:43 I want to tell a story, but I want to do it musically so that it can be authentic.

12:00 You know what, for those who feel like they're going through something alone, you can actually play music and be okay.

25:00 I wanted it to inspire people that really get up, get out and do what you got to do.

25:48 … celebrate your life, whatever your life is. And I think that's why God tells us don't compare yourself to anyone.

25:25 This song is for the women to really like, understand how powerful you are. Even if you're going to be at home wife, be that great. Turn on your music and do the dishes and wash clothes and just be happy. Whatever you decide to do, just do it well.

31:47 So paying attention always served me better than trying to get attention.

Connect with Asiah

Website -
Facebook - @AsiahTheContinent
Instagram - @TheContinent
Twitter - @AsiahMillion
Youtube - @AsiahTheContinent

Check out Asiah’s book: “Dreams, Love, and Music Lifestyle Revised”
Amazon -“Dreams, Love, and Music Lifestyle Revised”
Barnes & Noble - “Dreams, Love, and Music Lifestyle Revised”

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