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Oct 4, 2019

“How do we get people to believe?” Archbishop Christine Mercy Johnson explains on the dHarmic Evolution

Interview Highlights:

[3:00] Archbishop Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson gives a background of her faith and the path she took to be an Anglican Archbishop with the Worldwide Anglican Church

[8:18] Her Grace explains the history and culture of the church

[10:40] Her Grace gives her opinion and thoughts of other churches

[12:00] Find out why women make the best religious leaders

[20:35] Our job and purpose in life

[31:54] Archbishop Dr. Johnson’s experience at the gates of heaven

[36:42] What was God’s plan with the creation of Social Media?

[37:33] God’s promise to Her Grace Joining us today in the studio on her 54th Birthday, is British American, the Most Reverend Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson. Her Grace made history this year by becoming the first matriarch and Co-Presiding Bishop of the Worldwide Anglican church alongside His Grace, the Most Reverend Christopher Lwanga Tusubira from Uganda, Africa.


Her Grace was ordained a couple of female priests and deacons in Colombia, and as the church’s spiritual mother, she leads her ministry with loving-kindness, great passion for working with orphans, the elderly, hospice and grief counseling, and utilizes her television, radio and social media platform to highlight social causes.

Describing herself as a very structured, disciplined and self-controlled woman who was raised in British Aristocracy, her Grace was educated in the traditions and customs of the Anglican church. She has always had a very close relationship with God and has utilized her seminary training and walk to passionately teach others about Him.

How do we get people to believe?

Christine’s Answer as a priest.

Spending quality time with the Lord. We all have the Holy Spirit residing within us, and by taking our time to speak, listen and connect with Him through prayer, worship, and reading the bible, we will strengthen our faith and belief in Him.

You really get close to the lord when you get yourself out of the way and start taking care of others with compassion and kindness. When you reach out to the homeless, the poor, the dying, the sick, the afraid, etc. you allow the Christ consciousness and love to move through you. It is then that you can feel the presence of the Lord.

Being grateful to the Lord every morning when you wake up and ask Him to help you to be a blessing to others is an essential way to feel closer to God. It propels you towards a day of service and success and opens your heart to see the need in others.

Her Grace’s answer to service is do everything authentically from your heart:

’’How do I know that our Lord Jesus Christ is real?’’

In 1989, when I was 24 years old, I was happy and physically healthy, with a one-year-old child. I never thought of getting a flu injection, because I figured, in my utter arrogance that I was so fit that I could not get sick. One morning I awoke, and that theory changed as the hours passed by. I became critically ill and hospitalized with bacterial septicemia meningitis. By 7 pm that night, my fight with the illness was lost. I remember getting out of my body and trying to get the people’s attention, and as I struggled with this, I saw a light, an angel light.

I asked the angel if I was dead, and he replied to me:

’’No, it is not possible for a human being to die, you live forever here, (Pointing up) or you live forever there, (pointing down) but you do not die.’’

Death is the ultimate amputation, but not the end, because your body is still there. As the driver of the car gets out, so a soul leaves the body.


[18:38] My job as a priest is to take you to the cross. For it is at the cross of Calvary that we find our hope, joy, salvation and where we find our resurrection power

[21:41] A stranger is a family member that I still haven’t met

[27:37] You really get close to the lord when you put yourself out of the way and start taking care of others

[40:47] God is our Father, and He is extremely real. And when you’re here on earth, you have two choices, to either be with Him or not. You can’t make that decision when you die, and since none of us know when we’re going to die, it is the most important decision to make in our life.

Did you know?

· The Worldwide Anglican Church has branches in India, Africa, the West Indies, Europe, South America, and the USA. Joining with the Anglican Churches around the world It has thousands of churches and millions of followers.

· Its culture and practices are similar to those of the catholic church

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