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Apr 17, 2016


Singing while playing the cello? Easy-peasy! Well, at least for this guy!


Peter Lewy from New York City makes uniquely cool music that I enjoy so much! He plays the cello, but he also is a singer-songwriter - and guess what! He tours Italy every single year. No big deal!


On this interview, Peter talks about how he became a cellist and how he learned how to sing while playing this awesome instrument. I can only imagine the perseverance and talent this guy has! Seriously.. Who does that! And he records all these songs in a really rad room that he talks about on this chat too! Listen in!

On this episode:

  • You get to listen to Peter’s awesome and cool songs
  • What places has Peter gone to? If I were him, I wouldn’t have gone back! #justkidding
  • Listen to the technique Peter uses when playing his songs
  • What inspired him to pick up the cello? More of Peter’s story on this episode!


Peter Lewy songs featured:

  • I’m Through Shedding Tears Over You
  • Suite #1
  • John Coltrane Said
  • Some Other Way


Video: Peter Lewy playing Bach Suite #1 on YouTube


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Awesome Peter Lewy Cellist!