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Podcasting Your Global Career

Apr 17, 2020

Welcome back to the show everyone. I hope you’re all managing to handle things in the midst of the current pandemic that’s hit the entire globe. 

Today’s show is going to be a little different and special. 

I’ll be diving into what I’ve personally been keeping myself busy with, and share with you some tips and strategies on how you too, can cope with the strange and unknown situation that we’ve all unfortunately found ourselves in. 

Since moving from New Jersey to Nashville at the beginning of last August, I’ve really had no time to sit down, relax and enjoy the comfort of my T.V. So with the self-quarantine state of affairs that we’re all in, I decided to make the most of it by finally hanging my big 55” HD Panasonic that was sitting in the basement with a moving blanket covering it. 

And because it was the lent season, I also ditched any alcoholic beverages, something that I have been doing for years now. It always surprises me just how easily this falls away as an unnecessary vice and its quickly forgotten about. This made me realize that there’s a lot of habits that become a part of us, habits that we feel we are not only accustomed to but also bonded to as well. But the simple truth is that they really don’t have as much influence over us as we give them the power to do so.  

Less Criticism – More Compassion 

Let’s be frank. The entire COVID-19 pandemic caught so many of us unaware and unprepared. Up to date, scientists are still revealing new information about the virus every day! From the way, it spreads to the way it affects and destroys the body of its victim. 

Pointing fingers and playing the blame game won’t help solve any problems. We should all be supportive of the great work that the President’s task force has been accomplishing in a quite impossible environment. 

Thus, we should be less critical of the efforts put in place by not just our administration, but people everywhere, and we should be more considerate of the less fortunate in society. The ones with nowhere to sleep and no idea what meal they’ll have next.  

My Schedule. 

It’s hard to come to terms with the physical reality we’re all witnessing in our cities. Of late, it’s been so strange to be outside. No people, no traffic, and almost all office and commercial buildings, venues, retail, etc,  have been deserted. 

One of my personal highlights for spending my weeks was volunteering in downtown Nashville every Sunday morning to feed the hungry some hot steaming breakfast. Due to the current situation though, the entire operation has been put on hold. However, I still am, alongside my fiancée, offering the needed help at the Family Life Centre, for women and children in Nashville. 

My weekly duties have now changed to a bit of running as an exercise, shopping for the essentials, volunteering, and an occasional car wash every one in a while. 

Stay tuned and find out how I’ve slowly, through the help of my fiancée, been able to substitute my love and craving for Yoga with running. I am actually getting better! and of course, it’s all about the singing! 

The Depression Fighters Manual. 

In the show, I also give a quick review of my Depression Fighters Manual and how you can download and utilize it to the fullest during this tough crisis that’s been coupled with worry and anxiety.

Part of what I cover include the  7 best strategies to fight depression, which include; 

1. You’ve got to move 

2. You’ve got to laugh 

3. You’ve got to help somebody 

4. You’ve got to be loved 

5. You’ve got to eat something wholesome 

6. You’ve to go love the drugs – Natural drugs that give you the rush! 

7. You’ve got to love nature. 

And a bonus strategy of how loving and connecting to God for spiritual nourishment, can cure all your troubles, and most importantly, help you deal with the worries of tomorrow.   

I also want to give a special thanks to all of you who took up my request to make a music video featuring past artists that have been on the dHarmic Evolution as part of the Here to Share Challenge, with which we hope to express God’s message that we were all put here to share and care for one another, there are “no stars” in this music video, it's all about the message!  


00:40 What we’ll be covering on the show today 

3:09 Connecting my T.V for the first time in seven months 

5:11 How I spend my days 

8:02 The great job the President’s task force is doing. 

10:32 How everyone else is pulling through 

14:06 Working using Zoom  

15:40 My depression manual - What’s in it and How you can get it 

30:25 The backstory to Here to share and Care project. 

34:14 My Guest appearance on ABC and how you can watch it 

35:46 Listen to share and care.  

Download Depression Fighters Ebook here!

Selected links and mentions 

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