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Mar 13, 2020

Emily Zuzik's career in the performing arts is a study in diversification.

Her career journey in the music industry has enabled her to develop a unique personality and signature style in her productions and live performances. At varying times, she can call herself a singer, songwriter, guitarist, actress, and model - and she has had success at each of these related-but-distinct pursuits. All of which are thanks to her unparalleled and unique brand of performing.

Emily has released several records of her own music that range in style from a Cheryl Crow-Esque rootsy-rock vibe to a hip-hopping blend of Aimee Mann, Alanis Morissette, and Beck. Her vocals have been heard on NBC, WB Interactive and she has collaborated with Moby and sang with Blue Man Group.

Her soon-to-be-released album, Torch & Trouble, is a well-focused blend of earthy singer-songwriter centered Americana music, a true reflection of her uncommon and exceptional style in the music, and performance industry as a whole.

No matter the art or genre, it's Emily's unique personality and voice that brings it all together.

Show Notes

Joining me on the show today is the melodious, mesmerizing and uniquely diverse singer/songwriter, Emily Zuzik.
The LA-based artist graces our show with wonderful tunes and thoughts from her current album “Torch and Trouble”.

Stay tuned on the show and find out more about Emily’s collaborations and personal connections behind the production of “Torch and Trouble”.

Although she currently resides and works from LA, Emily has had the pleasure of traveling and living in plenty of other states throughout the country. We discuss her thoughts and opinions from her experience living in different places and what she feels about Nashville as a growing city and hotspot for the upcoming performing arts.

Emily describes to us why she feels that producing older songs results in more passion and energy output in the studio.

She enjoys working with notable professions while producing her songs and never interferes or in any way gives suggestions to the team when they’re all working on her masterpieces during production. She trusts that every professional has gained their reputation from their previous work and therefore deserve to be 100% reliable on their output.

Strap up your seatbelts, because you’re in for a fabulous ride from Emily’s world of the diverse and unique blend of music production, songwriting, and band performance.


What I have found over the years is that lots of people can write songwriter folk and upbeat daddies, but not everybody does it with a hard-rocking component. So I really consider myself lucky to be able to wear both of these hats.

There’s something really fun about writing a song and then going into the studio the next day and cutting it. And there's energy in that too. But if you want a more polished thing, then it's helpful to really have old songs from the past down. Just as I did with “Torch and Trouble”.

There’s always uncertainty in music, and right now, there's the coronavirus and the upcoming American presidential election. There's just stuff in the world that's frustrating and can induce anxiety and can make you go dark, and I am trying to put forward light and love and hope. I know there's a lot of other people who feel that way too. And so hopefully we'll get a groundswell and some things will be turning around into a more positive direction in 2020.


Find out more about Emily’s upcoming album, “Torch and Trouble” (5:00)
Listen to “Alone” (6:00)

The people that she works with (12:08)
Emily’s performance in New York (13:30)
Her background and experience living in New York (15:36)
Listen to “Winter in California” (19:15)
The story behind the song “How did you get so good?” (28:27)
Listen to “How did you get so good?” (31:20)
Emily’s teamwork experience working with different professionals (40:20)
Listen to “Trouble” (42:01)
Emily’s plan for the year (46:40)


Ted Russell Kamp
Blue Man Group
Tim Lefebvre
Rockwood Music Hall

Station House Studios
DJ Gary Calamar
American fest

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