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Podcasting Your Global Career

Dec 27, 2019

I hope you all had a wonderful and most blessed Christmas experience! Wrapping up our highlight reel this month is Cali Rivlin. A skilled, talented and hardworking singer, I promise you’re all going to be fans of Cali once you’re done listening to the interview. 

Cali is a London based Israeli singer and pianist. She began her classical training at the Tel Aviv Music conservatory whilst in Israel at a tender age of only 8 years. She has had a passion and love for music since she was a toddler and always felt an attraction towards the art for as long as she can remember.  Her journey towards her pianist career was a random act of fate. When she was 14, Cali’s friend moved to an apartment next door, and her piano wouldn’t fit through the doorway. Just for the general love of piano Cali always had, she decided to buy the piano from her friend. And thus, she began a lifetime love for the piano and its tunes (Cali still uses the piano to this day, and her latest album cover is a shot with Cali sitting on the piano!) 

[25:32] Cali’s opinion on T.V Reality Shows. 

Despite being approached several times, and by numerous scouts to feature in different T.V Reality shows, such as The Voice (London), The Voice (Israel), American Idol and so many others. Cali has always said no approaches. 

Cali feels that such shows only fulfil the purpose of tearing down the artistic “Olympus of inspiration” that music provides. And when this is done, it becomes like a modern-day gladiator arena where artists fight each other for the sake of winning, and, instead of being inspired by the music, everyone becomes a judge. 

‘‘I wanted to achieve something that’s impossible, and my song at the time (Flying Through Water) sounded impossible to produce. And that’s what you set out to do in life, in art, and in everything. You set out to inspire others by achieving the impossible.             – “Cali Rivlin” 



[3:23] Cali describes her journey towards music 

[6:43] Listen to Cali Rivlin’s Flying through water 

[15:30] Cali gives an insight towards the production of Flying through the water 

[20:49] Listen to Cali Rivlin’s If you Want Blood 

[24:48] Cali describes the subject matter of her song If you Want Blood 

[25:32] Cali gives her strong opinion and thoughts on T.V Reality Shows 

[31:01] Cali describes how she grew how strong philosophy towards music 

[32:48] The oxymoron of Reality T.V 

[37:21] Listen to Cali Rivlin’s My Track 

[42:33] Cali describes her song My Track 

[45:15] Cali describes her experience of transitioning home from Israel to London 

[50:20] Cali describes the subject matter of her song, The Once and Future King 

[52:10] Listen to Cali Rivlin’s The Once and Future King 

[58:35] Cali’s preferred Piano 

[59:45] Cali describes how and where she does music recordings 


You can reach Cali through: 


Facebook @CaliLovesMusic 

Instagram @CaliRivlin 


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