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Nov 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today’s show is all about thanksgiving, how we should spend it, and how we can all make a difference in someone's experience that will have a long-lasting impact? 

[01:28] The history of Thanksgiving 

[8:22] My encouragement on how you can spend your Thanksgiving. 

[8:45] My inspiration for spending Thanksgiving this year. Tony Robbin’s story. 

[23:13] Listen to Here to Share and Care 

[3:36] Top places to spend Thanksgiving. 


1. The Sagamore Resort, Adirondacks, New York. Holding court for over a century on picturesque Lake George in the Adirondacks, the 133-year old Sagamore Resort offers guests a Donald Ross-designed 18-hole golf course, hiking, tennis, and spa (as well as fishing and swimming during the summers). You better be prim and proper for this extravaganza! 

2. Congress Hall, Cape May, New Jersey. America's oldest seaside resort (opened in 1816 and celebrating its 200th anniversary this year) It offers seasonal activities like gingerbread house building and hosts a special Thanksgiving buffet, as well as a sit-down meal, at its Blue Pig Tavern. 

3. For the next one, we head out West, Park City Utah, Montage, Deer Valley. They offer a slew of family-focused events over Thanksgiving weekend. You can take part in flag football on the grand lawn, learn archery at the resort's annual turkey-themed turkey shoot lesson, enjoy a Thanksgiving buffet at the Apex restaurant, and cap it off with a family photo overlooking the Wasatch Mountains. To celebrate the lead-up to Christmas, offerings include cookie decorating classes, holiday mug decorating, gingerbread house unveiling and their fifth Annual Christmas tree lighting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 


But what about the ones who don’t have the means to go to places like these? The ones who are stuck in soup kitchens or the lost who sleep in airports, subways, streets, and prisons. 

Perhaps this Thanksgiving you should open your depression fighter’s manual and go-to strategy no. 3, and get out there and help somebody! 

 [9:52] Feeding America 

Robbins has now partnered up with Feeding America. A nationwide food network of banks that aims to eliminate food insecurity by helping people or communities that don’t have enough food. 


According to US-DA, there are more than 37 million people who struggle with hunger. These are really shocking statistics considering we’re one of the richest countries in the world. 

Food insecurity numbers in different states 

California – 5,401,00 (114,00 homeless) 

New York – 2,67200 (80,000 homeless) 

Minnesota – 568,000 (8300 homeless) 

N. Dakota – 60,000 (1,300 homeless) 

New Mexico – 358,00 (2700 homeless) 

Illinois - 1,700,000 (13,000 homeless) 

New Jersey – 1,000,00 (11,600 homeless) 

These numbers are all crazy! I mean what happened to us? 

If we can change the dynamics of holidays a little bit, to include those that aren’t as lucky as we are, then this will result in happier and more meaningful holidays for all of us. 

[18:26] Professor Scott Geller. 

Scott’s story

We had a really interesting chat with Alumni Professor Scott Geller, way back in episode DE168. We talked about a lot of things, the shootings at Virginia tech, what the students thought about it, and psychology. 

After getting to know him and his brand which actively cares for people, my friend Archbishop Christine Mercy Johnson and I wrote a song for Scott’s brand (The Actively Caring for people brand). It just reminded me of Thanksgiving and how we should be caring for people, not just during the holidays, but all the time. 

If you haven’t had the chance to check out my depression fighter’s manual, you can download it from my Facebook page, please send it to someone you love.

Depression Fighters Manual 


Depression Fighters Manual 

Archbishop Dr Christine Mercy Johnson FB Page

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