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Podcasting Your Global Career

Sep 27, 2015

Gesso Mystic Eyes resided in the UK, but grew up in Ghana, in the Western part of Africa, he loves Sundays, as Sunday's were "Fun days" according to Gesso, he was in a band "The Bad Examples" and James Kevin felt he was in that band.

James Kevin thought he called Africa a country, but he would be wrong, Gesso, wanted to be a Civil Engineer, but music pulled him away. James Kevin thought it would take several lifetimes to tour the Continent of Africa! 

Hendrix was the catalyst for Gesso's approach to music, Hendrix was an underground figure in the music of Ghana at the time. Pop and local music were what everyone was listening to, but Gesso was pulled toward the Rock music and Western cadences.

"Love Vibrations" is up and rocking!

Gesso plays all of the instruments on this track and he uses the word Love in all of his songs.

 Gesso refers to his guitars as concubines! James Kevin refers to the acoustic soundhole!#$%^

Playing the next track, "Love Light"~

Gesso had two traffic accidents that have prevented him from being mobile and able to play gigs.

Gesso is a very good stage performer and frontman, and looking forward to healing and getting back to the stage! He embraces Yoga as a means to heal and keep his spirit healthy. The new album is called "Freedom Chant" and is hard rock Reggae and chanting. "Sunshine girl" and "Sign of Love" are two tracks that will be on the new album.

Playing "Love is Divine"

Gesso is a solo act and does it all on his own with very little help. The new tracks and the new album has him very excited to share this with the world!

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