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Podcasting Your Global Career

Sep 28, 2019

Joining us all the way from Colombia today is Archbishop Spencer Garnica. Spencer was born on the island of Creole. Speaks English, Spanish, and his native language Creole.

Spencer grew up in a society of Christian culture and is the oldest of 11 children. He grew up loving music and musical instruments like the piano and guitar. His love for music and singing has contributed to his praise and worship career in his path to the priesthood.

Early calling

One-night spencer decided to pray after experiencing a dream. In his dream, spencer saw a man coming down with the sun. and out of the sun, the man emerged, floating on air. The man gave spencer bread to eat and something to drink, all of which spencer did. After asking him who he is, the man told Spencer that He is Jesus. Spencer, later on, tried to explain the dream to his mother, who brushed the dream off as an effect of spencer’s hunger.

Afterward, spencer approached his cousin and friend, who would take him to the first Baptist church in the Atlantic, where he would later on become a member.

One night during a revival in the church, the preacher pointed to him and said that it is the Lord's will that Spencer becomes one of the Lord's servants.  Henceforth, spencer joined the seminary, only aged 14 years, armed with nothing but hope, dreams, and ambitions to serve the Lord.


Being the oldest of 11 children, Spencer had no choice but to lead a life of responsibility and hard work. He’d wake up early in the morning and help his mother prepare his siblings for school, take them to school, feed the domestic animals before finally preparing himself and going to school.

He’d also help out with other house and life chores, such as fishing, cooking and cleaning the house. Looking back though, spencer is grateful for the life of chores and responsibility that he grew up in because this was God’s way of preparing him to serve others.

Music Journey.

As a teenager, a music concert was to be held at Spencer’s hometown, but because of his strict and tough mother, spencer couldn’t ask her for permission to attend it. So instead, he decided to sneak out at dark and not just attend the concert, but perform in it as well. What resulted was a magical night for Spencer, he ended up winning both at the concert and winning his mother’s heart. His mom could no longer deny it, Spencer was a gifted child with a mission and purpose to serve others and the Lord.

Long after Spencer joined the seminary to study theology and priesthood, music would always be a part of him, ‘’The bible and music’’ he says, ‘’The bible and music.’’

Demons, marriage, and fate.

After being in the Baptist seminary for ten years. It was time for Spencer to move to the next step, he now wanted to be a priest.

But that wasn’t all, Spencer was also blessed with a gift, a gift of vision and sight. It is this very gift that would, later on, lead a local pastor to label him as being possessed by a demon. Something spencer didn’t take too kindly of.

Short of choices and places to serve his lifelong mission and purpose of preaching, Spencer’s cousin who was a pastor in Bogota called him and offered him an opportunity to serve under the church he was in, under the condition that Spencer marries. A condition Spencer wasn’t really comfortable with. Spencer was young and wanted to focus his full attention and energy in serving the Lord, and so he had to forego the opportunity and wait for the lord.

And as fate would have it, Spencer received a call from a former secretary of his enquiring whether spencer still had ambitions to become a priest. Spencer was over the moon and accepted the offer, and thus began his lifelong journey into priesthood under the Anglican church.


 -  In life, we are all under different journeys. And that is why some of us aren’t as compassionate or helping as others. It’s through this that I’ve learned to never judge anyone.

 -  It’s good to serve the Lord, it’s good to help and be merciful to others. And every day we do something for someone, the lord up there takes note.

In the show

 -  How Spencer overcame cancer through prayer and Faith

 -  Listen to Archbishop Spencer sing How Great Thou Art in English and Spanish 

Did you know Spencer means Provider for others? Archbishop Spencer has based his whole life ministry providing for and serving others.

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