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Podcasting Your Global Career

Dec 1, 2023

World Civility Starts With How You Communicate With Others. Media Boss Pro Will Help You To Drive Your Competitors Crazy By Using Media To Make It So Your Ideal Clients Will Find You & Pay You.

Dr. Barrett Matthews, known as the Media Boss, is an authority on execution, productivity and media. Barrett has shared his unique brand of productivity genius with organizations worldwide.

 Dr. Matthews is the author of, “Why Didn’t You Get it Done?”, “50 Shades Of Wealth”, & “A Call To Action”, which he has used to help elevate the productivity of the business people he works with.

He has a strong background in media, working in radio, print and television with a stint at CBS Sports, plus hosting and producing podcasts, including the BlackCEO Morning Show, Lunch & Learn with Chris & Barrett and Revenue Radio, as well as being a dynamic guest on The 30 Minute Hour, The Linda Fostek Show, & The Power Podcast w/ Dr. George C. Fraser to name a few. 

Dr. Matthews was recognized as a World Civility Ambassador in 2020 by iChange Nations and as the Distinguished Leader for 2019 as well as other honors. In 2021, Dr. Matthews was named a Royal Liaison to the Development King in Ghana, where he will introduce his Media Monarch program.

Always an engaging podcast guest, Dr. Barrett Matthews is committed to showing executives how to start and grow any business productively, by utilizing media.

Dr. Matthews is on a mission to bring back civility to the global media with his Media Monarch initiative. He believes we should all, “Make Them Hear Your Voice”.

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