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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jul 8, 2022

DE 340

Elyssa Vulpes is a globe-trotting multi-instrumentalist indie folk musician with over a dozen albums under her belt. Having cured her anxieties (including stage fright) through a combination of her day job as a mindset, performance and artist coach and writing and performing music, Elyssa hopes to inspire others to release their “scorpion energy” – confronting their fears and regularly shedding skins.

Her music is meditative yet motivational, with not only a classic singer-songwriter style but elements of Neo-folk, Indie-rock and Americana.

Born in Italy, now based in Scotland and New Zealand her music revolves around themes of life's suffering, hope and transformation.

 Soaking up the cultural elements of these disparate places, from the Celtic Folk Traditions of Ireland and Scotland to the celebrated Italian singer-songwriters of the 1970s, her music showcases a variety of musical hues that go from sombre to comedic. Influences include Amanda Palmer, Neko Case and Martha Wainwright.

So strap up your seatbelts and let’s take a ride to New Zealand on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution podcast.


As a Preview

In this episode, we speak to our most eclectic artist ever on the show. Having lived in Italy, Scotland and now New Zealand, you can say so about her. We talk about her experiences in each of these countries, her initial foray into music, how her first marriage helped her discover a new genre of music she loves, her close shot at stardom, coaching, her favorite instrument and a whole lot of others, all here on the dHarmic Evolution Podcast.

 More about Elyssa Vulpes

Find out more about Elyssa and hear her music through different platforms. All the links are provided below! Check out her website, social media pages and music platforms that you can visit.


“A home is not  necessarily a country for me but basically wherever I am”-Elyssa.

“The architecture needs to be good because I really have a thing for architecture, I need to live in a place that looks good” -Elyssa.

“Hear yourself! Who is ever going to be interested in a mourning person” -Elyssa.

“Some artists feel nervous, even though the music is going good, because of their nervousness they don’t do well” -Elyssa.

“Voice is my first and always will be my first instrument” -Elyssa.

“Focus on what you want and not what you don’t want” -Elyssa.


Time Stamps

02:42 How does Elyssa have multiple accents

03:57 Elyssa’s Italian roots

05:03 How Elyssa’s first marriage introduced her to electric music

06:01 Elyssa’s dive into comedy

07:13 Elyssa’s collaboration album

07:24 Elyssa’s band

08:26 James’ love for comedy

09:15 Listen to Attrazione by Elyssa

12:46 The background between the Attrazione 

14:50 How did Elyssa get into Celtic music

15:52 Elyssa’s time at Scotland

17:10 Elyssa’s love for Edinburgh

17:22 Why Elyssa’s rejected her admission to study Celtics

18:27 Why Elyssa’s one shot of fame failed

20:10 How did Elyssa choose to relocate to Scotland

21:30 The music scene at New Zealand

24:04 Gigs at New Zealand

25:20 What is Elyssa currently doing

25:45 Listen to Where have all the good guys gone by Elyssa

30:01 The background behind Where have all the good guys gone

31:45 The musical composition behind Where have all the good guys gone

34:30 How Elyssa creatively saved the day while composing where have all the good guys gone

35:25 Elyssa’s new book “Dare to be Seen”

35:40 About Elysaa’s upcoming book

37:32 How Elyssa uses her day job to recondition her mind and become a better musician

39:41 Elyssa’s podcast

41:10 What is Elyssa currently working on?

42:32 What is Elyssa’s favourite instrument

44:10 Where to connect most with Elyssa?

44:48 Elyssa’s parting words

45:50 Listen to “Ride On” from James Kevin O’Connor

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Special Links and Mentions

Celtic music

Folk revival of  Music in the 70s

Attrazione Facile by Elyssa

Where have all the good guys gone by Elyssa

The Incredible String Band

Interrail Trip

Edinburgh, Scotland

Ride On by James


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