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Podcasting Your Global Career

May 27, 2022

Sam Koon is a guitarist, songwriter & powerhouse vocalist. Originally from Central Florida with roots also in Georgia, Sam originally performed out of Nashville as the lead singer for touring act & country crossover artist, Jessta James ...but it wasn’t until just a few years ago Sam decided to release his own original music.

As a songwriter, Sam received his first major label cut with Sony/RCA recording artist Andrew Jannakos’ single “Somebody Loves You” which debuted as the #1 trending TikTok sound in May 2021. Sam also has 2 recent cuts with “Running Out of Roses” & “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” landing on Big Yellow Dog’s Brandon Davis’ debut album “Hearts Don’t Rust”.

“I’m so excited to continue to release original music”, says Sam, “I have several songs I’ve written in the past few years & I can’t wait to continue to release more. As an independent artist, I’m thankful for some of the opportunities that have come my way & look forward to sharing more.”

Sam continues to grow his audience and plans on releasing several songs this year in hope of a full-length project

So strap up your seatbelts and let’s take a ride to Georgia on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution podcast.

As a Preview:

In this episode, we speak to rock turned country music rising star Sam Koon. We explore everything about Sam from his time as rock lead singer for Jessta James, his personal writing process detailing from song conception to completion and how he got into co-writing. Also, we touched on Sam’s experience in vocal training, its importance for other artists and his vocal influences. Finally, we had  a quick story of James doing a gig with his son Trevor, all here on the dHarmic Evolution podcast.

More about Sam Koon

Find out more about Sam and hear his music through different platforms. All the links are provided below! Check out his website, social media pages and music platforms that you can visit.


“I think I’ve always written ever since I picked up the guitar when I was fifteen”-Sam

“It was a pleasant transition to country music for me”-Sam

“Don’t get me wrong, coming from rock, I like having some loud guitars but the dynamic of the song, I like those choruses because they really can soar”-Sam

“The song seems to always have a mind of its own”-James

“‘Cos a lot of time you can get boxed in your head, and can’t break through to the second verse”-Sam

“No matter what you do and how bad you think it is or how bad you think you are, like it’s really gonna be alright. It happens to the best of us; we're all human. We should love each other and support each other.”-Sam

“It’s worth it to me, even losing money because I like to go out there ‘cos of the experience and the potential that one day something could happen”-Sam

“When I get an idea, I like to start at the last line of the chorus that’s the tag”-Sam

“There are so many techniques, ideas, tricks and hacks of songwriting… it’s one of the most freeing and creative things you can ever do”- James

 Time Stamps:

00:56 Introducing the country star, Sam Koon

04:10  How Sam got to join Jessta James

06:02 How Sam almost got arrested

06:37 How Sam discovered his song-writing ability

06:56 Sam’s short stint in Rock n Roll

08:28 Behind Sam’s debut country song, “If Heaven has a backdoor”

09:56 How Sam got into co-writing

11:57 Best of us starts playing

15:22 How Sam created Best of us

18:23 Which performance does Sam prefer: Solo or Band?

19:09 How Sam got connected to writer’s round

21:50 Sam’s experience opening for big acts with a band

23:48 Sam’s vocal training

24:43 James’ self-consciousness during vocal training

26:12 Sam’s writing process

29:15 Every other weekend from Sam Koon starts playing

33:06 Sam’s vocal influences

35:45 How vocal coaching was important for Sam

37:14 What is Sam’s favorite thing to do at chill time

37:58 What does the future look like for Sam

39:48 Two Dads hitting it off together

41:12 What is Sam’s band support structure

42:08 What is Sam’s favorite band set up, four-piece or five-piece?

43:06 Sam’s closing statement

44:26 Listen to Ride On from James Kevin O’Connor


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Special Links and Mentions


Jessta James

 If Heaven has a backdoor by Sam Koon


Best of Us

Alex Smith

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Writer’s Rounds


Dave Matthews

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Every other Weekend by Sam Koon

Ride On by James Kevin O’Connor


Connect with Sam Koon