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Apr 1, 2022

Credenda is our musical guest today, they are a family band. I've only had a few of them on the show but I really enjoy this probably more than any other type of interview because of the family dynamics and interaction. I just love getting involved with that, and Im sure youre going to love being part of this great conversation too. So strap up your seatbelts and let's take a ride to Nashville, Tennessee to visit the family vocal harmony trio, Credenda!

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Back to Credenda! Music for the soul, thats what they are! They are a family vocal harmony trio consisting of mom, (Barbara), brother (Daniel), and sister (Anna). Their signature sound, which can be best described as Americana with the heart of Gospel, and it is marked by blood harmony, unique songwriting, and soaring melodies. With a retro yet modern sound, they pay tribute to the bands of the past and present while at the same time bringing a wholly unique and original sound that will bring peace to the listener. They also bring an approach to classic songs that is all their own! You will feel like part of the family as you join them for a time of stories and music!

Barbara, Daniel, and Anna shared great stories and experiences, and you will love their sense of humor and most especially the music that we featured here today. It will absolutely be an enjoyable hour, so let us all give Credenda a warm dHarmic Evolution welcome!

More about Credenda

dHarmic Evolution has been a place for indie music and a lot of up and coming artists are here all the time, so lets show our support for Credenda and their music through different platforms. You can go check out their website, social media pages and music platforms and follow them through these. All the links are provided below! 



I was just a mom. I actually was into classical music. I'm  one of these prodigy kids that my parents had in lessons from a very young age, and I gave it up in my late teens, and went into a nursing program instead of following through on my music. And so when we had tons of kids, and they all started showing that they were very musical. I just heard of them all together. We did music together, I would write a bit and they'd sing it and, and it just evolved, but the sound just produces itself, I think.” - Barbara



And we go on this sort of little family, with sweet, angelic harmonies. And it was kind of interesting, it didn't matter how drunk people were, everybody just stopped doing anything, and they didn't turn around from the bar. And watch, and listen. So we knew that what we were delivering was having an impact in some way. And somebody told us later that the harmonies bring peace to them. I think there's something about harmony when musicians put harmony together.” - Barbara



I wasn't this kid, this millennial that would be glued to my phone growing up. I loved books and literature and the influence of parents that they brought into the house, but the music and just family culture was important to me.” - Anna



I'll kind of build everything around that melody, and the lyrics just kind of incidentally, fall into it. And mom was the original lyricist, but she kind of gave me the self belief that I could start contributing to that department. So I've been doing a lot more recently.” - Daniel



If I had to go with a word for our recording process, it's casual. We're not like, I want to do that again, do it again.” People are really doing vocal bits over and over until it's just perfect. A lot of our best work is done like “One Take Jake” style, if we can.” - Credenda



When people ask us, What do you like to do besides music?” And then I always had this saying that musicians don't have a social life in general. We sort of make time to do things in periods throughout the day.” - Daniel



My inspiration to any up and coming songwriter that's just hit Nashville or is just trying to make it in music in general, is keep at it. Be patient with yourself, your growth. Always have a circle of friends around you, even if it's just one or two people that kind of anchor you, and have conviction. Don't go for a deal just when it's offered to you, because sometimes it's not the right decision to make. So be patient. Be patient. Just keep at it. It will happen.” - Credenda


01:00 Introducing Credenda

02:30 Introducing the three members of Credenda and how the band was formulated.

04:38 Barbara shares who she was listening to growing up and her influences in music.

07:45How did the name Credenda come about?

09:32 The importance of the dictionary in songwriting.

11:21 How was their experience on Pucketts and if they played there often.

15:04 Listen to A Bridge in Dickson County” by Credenda

19:14 How did A Bridge in Dickson County” come to have a life of its own?

22:22 The heroes in music that Anna had as she was growing up.

23:33 Anna shares her journey on bringing out her voice.

25:55 How is Daniel's process in creating and coming up with sounds?

27:02 How do Credenda come up with things and contribute as individuals?

28:43 The story of how Credenda went to Nashville and where they were before that.

34:25 How was Credendas transition as they stayed in Nashville?

35:36 Listen to Far Side Of The River” by Credenda

38:52 Who is behind Far Side Of The River” and what is it about?

40:14 Credenda shares their recording process and how they get their songs completed.

44:55 What do Ann, Daniel and Barbara like to do during their chill time besides music?

52:45 Credendas sign off message to the audience and inspirational wisdom to the upcoming artists.

54:58 Listen to Ride On” by James Kevin OConnor

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