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Mar 18, 2022

Saylor Dollar, an acoustic duo based in Tallahassee Florida, is our musical guest for today. We had a fabulous chat, and we went from talking about Tallahassee to getting a package delivered of a brand new 59 Magnatone Amp from the UPS man as we  talked about gear – now that’s what we call great timing! It’s all right here on the dHarmic evolution podcast. So strap up your seatbelts and let's take a ride to Tallahassee, Florida to hang out with Dale and Lisa of the acoustic duo, Saylor Dollar!

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Back to the acoustic duo, Saylor Dollar’s band members consist of Dale Dollar (guitarist), and Lisa Saylor Dollar (vocals and violin). They perform an eclectic mix of original music featuring guitar riffs with a 70’s southern rock feel, Irish folk-style song structure, and lyrics inspired by Appalachian story-telling and love.

Lisa Saylor Dollar has a degree in music education from Florida State University. She has completed additional studies in Eisenstadt, Vienna, and Salzburg, Austria. Lisa is a music teacher in the public schools. She began performing in church as a child, and has performed with many professional orchestras and as a free-lance violinist. She has performed with local bands including Crossroad Bluegrass, and Sweet & Greasy.

Dale Dollar studied guitar at Florida State University. He has taught private guitar lessons and has written and performed with many bands including Shapeshifter Project, Carrion Curse, and Sweet & Greasy.

Get to know more about Saylor Dollar and listen to their eclectic music featured here on the show. Hear about Tallahassee, and sinkholes that you can swim on. We talked about alternate tuning, including DADGAD and a whole bunch of others. How Lisa went from symphony to bluegrass, you have got to hear her play the Orange Blossom Special! Log Cabin, Chris Godwin, Indian Head factory, hiking, great parks, Swanee fest, Buffalo and Phoenix, Ace Frehley and classical guitar. How did we fit that in such a short time? You’re about to find out as we take a ride today with Lisa and Dale of Saylor Dollar here on the dHarmic evolution podcast!

More about Saylor Dollar

Support Saylor Dollar and their music through different platforms. You can go check out their website, social media pages and music platforms and follow them through these. All the links are provided below! 



“We both love music. It's basically the first love of our lives and never going to stop. That's basically what we do all the time. ” - Dale


“I love that music though. I love the freedom of being able to just make it up as I go and play what I feel. And those guys encouraged me to sing, lead. That's the band I was in when Dale and I met and then now I just love being able to write with Dale, have our own stuff and not have to sing anybody else's stuff.” -Lisa


“I'm always practicing. I do my TrueFire, I do some of their courses. I'm always trying to learn something new. I love it.” - Dale


“My advice to anybody who wants to do music is to just play and enjoy it. Because even if nobody likes what you're doing, but you like what you're doing, I think you should just play and enjoy the music. Because as we talked earlier, there's so much ego in this business. And as long as you love what you're doing, you believe in what you're doing, I say just play, it doesn't matter if anybody likes it as long as you like it. And if you inspire just one person to play, I mean, it makes it all worth it. So that's me.” - Dale


“Don't doubt yourself, second guess yourself. Everybody has their own thing. God gave us all different talents and different gifts. So use yours. Don't compare that to anybody else there.” - Lisa


01:59 Introducing Saylor Dollar

03:15 Saylor Dollar talks about Tallahassee, Florida

04:00 Where do Saylor Dollar spend most of their time when going out and doing their performances?

05:25 How do Saylor Dollar put their material together and have their songs come together?

08:57How did Saylor Dollar start collaborating - when and where did they meet?

11:20 Listen to “Colored Water Sunshine” by Saylor Dollar

14:57 Saylor Dollar talks about the story behind “Colored Water Sunshine”

17:04 Sinkholes that you can swim in that are in  Tallahassee, Florida

18:06 Saylor Dollar on their special favorites on alternate tuning and DADGAD tuning.

22:22 Gears and instruments that Saylor Dollar uses when they get out and play.

24:14 Lisa’s powerful vocals and who she listened to before she started singing.

25:42 Lisa on joining a bluegrass band.

27:52 What are Saylor Dollar’s process for getting ready for when they're going to do a record.

30:36 How does Saylor Dollar put their music together and what great do they use?

32:44 Saylor Dollar about doing a full band and a duo. 

33:54 Listen to “Goodbye” by Saylor Dollar

37:58 What is the metaphor behind “Goodbye” and who had the personal experience with this song. 

41:12 What does Lisa and Dale like to do for fun outside music and work? 

42:44 Where are the best venues for their eclectic music?

46:10 At what age did Dale start playing and who did he listen to growing up?

48:57 When did Dale transition from heavy metal to something different?

50:18 Lisa as a teacher of strings.

51:18 Saylor Dollar’s goodbye message to the audience and words of wisdom to the upcoming artists.

53:35 Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor


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