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Podcasting Your Global Career

Oct 22, 2021

Since we only have special people here in the dHarmic Evolution, we got a really special young lady to join us today.  Strap up your seatbelts, because we’re taking a ride today from the Music City all the way to Georgia. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got Beth Crowley!

Beth first gained recognition on YouTube back in 2011. She was inspired by a comedic group called Axis of Awesome and she posted a medley of popular songs titled, “Greatest Song Ever Written.” The song was quickly picked up by Reddit, BuzzFeed, and Tumblr, and now this video has over a million views on YouTube.

From 2014, Beth already has released one full-length album, two EPs, and numerous singles. Her book-inspired music includes songs based on the Dark Artifices series, The Divergent series, the Lunar Chronicles, Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars, the Shatter Me series, and many more. She's also written several commissioned custom songs for books and book series. Coming from Nashville and now back in Georgia, Beth continues to write and release new music. She's also started writing her first young adult novel.

It was a real pleasure learning about Beth Crowley, her music, and all the things that she’s doing in her book. There’s a lot more to see of her in the future. But for now, let’s get to know more about her here on the dHarmic Evolution!

More about Beth Crowley

Beth Crowley wants to thank her listeners for continuing to support her dream of writing meaningful music, and if you haven’t listened to her yet, check out all her links below. She is most active on Instagram as it is more interactive, but you can look at all the social media platforms provided below!



“I think a lot of people had that moment this past year of being like, “Why am I away from things that are important to me if I don't have to be?”


“I love lyrics and I love language and I just had the imagery for this song of where storms are, like very impactful and sometimes terrible but I was fascinated by the idea that there are people that actually seek them out like they get some kind of reward out of going into the storms rather than going away from them.”


“My ideal situation is to be able to traditionally publish this book and have the soundtrack that goes with it and be able to tour and actually play. Like, have a book tour and play music at the same time. I think that would be such a cool format for touring.”


“I hope that I'm in a position someday where I would be able to have a series of shows and not have to worry about nobody showing up for them. Because I've definitely been there where I had a show that just nobody came to and that's very humbling.”


“It really is an interesting combination of being so satisfied with the music but also, all of the memories and associations that come with the experience and so I'm just really grateful that I think that's probably something that not everyone is lucky enough to have, that they not only have an album that they really believe in but they had a great experience doing it, and so just everything about it was more than I could have hoped for.”


“I would say the biggest thing is don't go for that instantaneous viral moment. Build a foundation, which takes time. If you're building a house, you build a foundation, and you do it slowly and carefully, so you can have the rest of the house be supported by that. It doesn't have to happen quickly. If you stick with it, and you work hard, it's not like a guarantee that stuff will happen for you, but it certainly increases your chances. But you have to make things happen for yourself. You can't sit back and wait for them to happen.”


01:06     Introducing Beth Crowley

02:32     How was Beth’s move from Nashville to Georgia?

07:04     Listen to “Storm Chaser” by Beth Crowley

10:59     What is the metaphor and what is Storm Chaser about?

13:41     How was her experience filming a video of the writing process for Storm Chaser?

15:12     How was Beth’s process of creating a song?

17:17     What are Beth’s tricks on hanging onto the ideas and getting something

18:24     Aside from being a songwriter, Beth is also writing books and is writing her first novel.

20:12     Is Beth performing or has any plans on taking her music to Georgia?

21:54     The advantages of using online platforms to reach out to a larger audience

23:47     Beth shares about live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms.

28:09     What is “YOU’RE EXHAUSTING” about?

29:25     Listen to “YOU’RE EXHAUSTING” by Beth Crowley

32:30     Beth shares the production of her songs and how she met her producer,

35:46     How was Beth’s first album project back in 2014?

40:25     What does Beth do for downtime or chilling out?

43:26     What is Beth’s main instrument?

44:10     What are Beth’s goals in the future?

46:15     What is the best place for people to connect with Beth Crowley?

47:31     What does Beth want to say to the audience, especially the young upcoming musicians?

49:34     Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor

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