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Podcasting Your Global Career

Aug 13, 2021

Crystal Mcgrath, A Multi-Passionate Woman, Inspires All Through Music and Coaching

We are going all the way up to Calgary, Canada today as we meet with a musician, activist, podcast host and inspirational influencer. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, inspiring individuals to live to their highest potential. Let’s welcome to the show, Crystal McGrath!

Crystal’s latest single “About a Boy” was released last June 2021. She blends a pop drum beat with a traditional country backing band to create a sound that is all her own. It tells the story of a confident girl who still longs for the connection from a relationship and finds herself distracted with the memories of her past. Her style blends two different musical flavors into something that any music fan would enjoy!

Crystal does not only do music, she's also an advocate for women's empowerment, and wants women to feel that they can go after any goal that they hope to achieve. To promote this message, she founded “Live with Love,'' an online platform with the mission of helping women live their best life through movement and mindset. She also has a podcast, “Crushing Chaos,” and she can also be seen regularly hosting her video podcast, “The Artists Behind The Music.”

Crystal lives by the words of poet John Greenleaf Whittier’s poem “Don’t Quit” to which she also shares with us in this episode. Her personal mission statement is to inspire individuals to live their best life and she does it through many different ways. We are about to learn more about this here on the dHarmic Evolution with Crystal Mcgrath.

More about Crystal Mcgrath

The best way for Crystal to paint the whole picture, share stories, and connect is through her Instagram, but you could also check out all her social media links below to see how she inspires people in many different ways.



“It was nice to have something positive to focus on during this crazy time, just constantly pivoting and being creative with how we can still do music in a way that we're affecting people but not leaving this space.”



“It's okay not to be okay and just acknowledging that those days will happen and just taking care of yourself through those moments allow you to really succeed and shine on the days where you're feeling good.”



“My personal mission statement is to inspire individuals to live their best life. And I really try to do that through my music, through my coaching, through my fitness company, through my podcasting, through conversation, and connection, and through social media.”



“It's just so important to be healthy and fill your body with healthy things…”



“I love combining music coaching with movement coaching and meditation coaching. I love combining all of them for clients just to have a really well rounded experience on how I can show up as my best so I can perform my best?”



It's been a long journey of really being okay, with this is who I am and it doesn't matter what other people are doing. It doesn't matter what other people are saying, or thinking, or feeling. Let them be them, and let me be me. Really giving myself permission to step into my powers has really been a big thing for me the past few years.”




01:42 Introducing Crystal Mcgrath

04:34 Crystal tells us about her experience in touring and visiting Australia.

06:23 How did Crystal survive the pandemic and where did she spend most of her time?

08:06 Crystal shares her timeline in releasing her songs in the midst of the pandemic.

09:35 With all the depression with artists, how would Crystal rate where she is emotionally?

12:51 Listen to “About a Boy” by Crystal Mcgrath

16:19 How was “About A Boy” made?

18:23 The sense of freedom that she felt having another artist write a song for her.

20:59 Crystal takes us to her studio experience while producing “About a Boy.”

23:07 How did she start her music podcast, and how did it transpire and come to fruition?

25:40 Crystal lets us know about what an inspirational influencer is.

26:50 Listen to “Game on” by Crystal Mcgrath

30:17 Crystal talks about her fitness company.

31:42 Crystal gives us ideas, special hacks and tricks to help people out to eat healthy and good food

35:12 How does Crystal do her coaching?

36:06 What areas of music coaching does Crystal do?

37:07 How did Crystal find her voice, and who are her music influences?

41:17 What does Crystal think is the biggest challenge today for artists and musicians?

43:45 Crystal’s message to her fans, and the dHarmic evolution listeners, especially for the younger people who are upcoming artists

46:21 Where is the best place to connect with Crystal?

47:29 Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor


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