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Podcasting Your Global Career

Oct 25, 2015

Taking a short from touring break but on the figure 8 Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota My Mom played the Troubadour, bars, and family, more of a Hobby, but got me interested in Music, High School, Garage Band High School, 

We play "Outlaw Country" Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, my brother loved AC/DC, I play a Tennessee Rose Gretch, I have a lot of Guitar players that I really like, Angus Young, Brad Paisley, John Fruscianiti, Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks, all the legends, Clapton, Page, 

Writing process is, I rough out a verse, chorus, etc, then bring to the band


Winner best Country Band 2015, Winner Rocky Mountain Battle of the Bands 2014 Winner best Country song 2014 Colorado Music Association, Best Americana Song 2013 Colorado Music Association

Ryan donates all the profits from the song "Give" to Charity............

Sturgess South Dakota, has the largest Harley Davidson Motorcycle rally and it was their 75th this year, Population 6000, grew to 1.2 Million almost overnight! Some of the campgrounds have clothing as Optional, some of the larger acts that play such as the Buffalo Chip, some others Puddle of Mud, Fuel, Saliva, some 90's acts etc.....

* Links To Ryan Chrys and the Rough Cuts


I like established venues, where people come to hear our music, Festivals have many many bands, so you are not playing to your audience, 

I Produce my music with and an old friend from Colorado..........we recorded some music with Troy Luccketta from Tesla

Touring mid way through September, then off to Texas in November, then Kansas, Oklahoma, and, New Mexico

I listen to streaming, but I like carrying a physical product away from a show

* The Band

Bradley Weaver Lap Steel and Harmony vocalist, singer/songwriter

Vic Stauffenberg is our drummer

Paul Lanier is our bass player

* Tracks from Ryan Chrys and the Rough Cuts

* Tonight we Ride

* Give

* Shoot the Moon

* This Road Never Ends