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Podcasting Your Global Career

Aug 28, 2020

We’ve had the honor of hosting great music artists across the 5-year span that dharmic Evolution has been active. Through the interviews, the various singers/songwriters have shared valuable content in the form of tips, insights, and personal stories.

In a new series titled ‘The Dharmic Evolution Spotlight...

Aug 21, 2020

I’m joined by the dynamic Jake Brown on the show today. A man who has written amazing books about the music business, and everything that goes into music writing and production. His books span across all genres, ranging from Country, RnB, Hip Hop, and Pop.

Celebrating his 50th and latest book on the show with me,...

Aug 14, 2020

Joining me on the show all the way from the beautiful Hudson Valley is MK Burnell.

Burnell was formerly the host of a show that aired at Radio Woodstock. She’s also the founder of ‘Locally Grown’, a program at Radio Woodstock that helps feature and promote independent and emerging artists from the Hudson...

Aug 7, 2020

Today’s show is going to be a little different as I focus on the process that goes into producing my songs. It is my hope that you will all find the episode very insightful and entertaining, more so if you are an artist.

The song I’ll be analyzing is Drill Down.
Drill Down is a song featured in my Geography of the...