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Podcasting Your Global Career

Dec 25, 2020

It’s Christmas and greetings of Merry Christmas to everyone!  

Today, it’s a pleasure to have one of the most hardworking talented young ladies. She is a great songwriter and has an incredible voice, she was also a CMA winner a couple of years back! She's done it all and continues to have an unbelievable work ethic...

Dec 18, 2020

We’re back with another Spotlight series today! I’m delighted to give attention to these four awesome artists we are revisiting. We are enclosing the links of the full interviews below so check to download them and here all for songs from each artist!

Let’s listen and enjoy the music and stories from...

Dec 11, 2020

We have an awesome young artist in the show today! She is just 17 years old but she already created a unique vintage Americana sound that crosses the boundaries of many different styles. With the help of influences based in the 70s, rock rhythm and blues, and modern poeticism.

Singer, songwriter, and actress from a...

Dec 4, 2020

Pop-singer, songwriter, and an artist coach! Dani Felt will join us today for an exciting view on her music solo career and her business in the music industry.

Dani Felt is originally born in Philadelphia. She has adapted her music life to the Music City. She exceeded the expectations of many when she switched from...

Nov 27, 2020

Our guest today is a young man who has made a name for himself in the music industry. He is a self-taught producer, audio engineer, musician, singer and songwriter. “Complementary”, his first EP was released May of this year and people are raving about it. Let’s welcome all the way from Maryland, Vicu!

His songs...