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Podcasting Your Global Career

Aug 28, 2020

We’ve had the honor of hosting great music artists across the 5-year span that dharmic Evolution has been active. Through the interviews, the various singers/songwriters have shared valuable content in the form of tips, insights, and personal stories.

In a new series titled ‘The Dharmic Evolution Spotlight Series,’ I’ll be sharing tidbits from the various interviews I’ve held. Starting with the most recent and go back all the way to as far as 5 years ago when the show was started.

Spotlight Series Number 1

In this episode, I’ll be featuring the previous interviews I’ve had with;

  1. George Hillman
  2. Cynthia Brando
  3. Azalea
  4. Emily Zuzik

George Hillman

Hailing from New Jersey, George Hillman is a Christian artist, producer, and sound engineer.

We had a very spirited conversation and dived into the topics of song production, Christian living, and the changing church culture.

Hillman’s  song featuring on this episode is ‘In God We Trust’

You can listen to the full interview here:

DE279 George Hillman: Songwriter, Musician, Engineer, Pastor, & God's Grace

Cynthia Brando

I’ve had the pleasure of having Cynthia on the show twice. The most recent interview dived into the depression that comes from being an artist, and why so many singers/songwriters experience mental problems.

Cynthia has performed across different states in many venues, festivals, and street performers too.

Cynthia’s song featured on the episode is  ‘The changing skies of my life’

You can listen to the full interview here:

DE274 Cynthia Brando, Why Artists Are Prone To Sadness, Depression, and Suicide.


‘Azalea’ is the musical duo of Benjamin and Mia Hackett.

The show they featured in was an amazing roller coaster story of how they had to cancel their ship performance gigs due to the COVID crisis.

They get into how they’ve adapted to the crisis, and how they’ve taken the current pandemic as an opportunity to bond more with each other and explore new music ventures.

Azalea’s song featured on the episode is ‘Your Lullaby’

You can listen to the full interview here:

DE264 Azalea, Australia & Canada combine beauty and Art, then steal your heart!


Emily Zuzik

Emily Zuzik is the definition of a diversified and skilled artist.

She’s a singer, songwriter, guitarist, actress, and model.

In the show, we get into her collaboration and the personal connections behind the production of ‘Torch and Trouble album’

She shares how networking has helped her grow and learn while still being a performer in LA.

Emily’s song featured on the show is ‘Alone’

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03:00 The DE Spotlight series; Number one

04:09 George Hillman

05:39 Listen to George Hillman's ‘In God we Trust’

11:03 Cynthia Brando

13:04 Listen to Cynthia Brando’s ‘The changing skies of my life’

17:23 Azalea

25:46 Listen to Azalea’s  ‘Your Lullaby’

31:12 Emily Zuzik

36:04 Listen to Emily Zuzik’s ‘Alone’

45:13 Listen to ‘Connected’

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