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Nov 15, 2019

Quotes from Amanie
[4:05] People love to see things as beautiful and leave it at that, but don’t really know what’s going on inside.
[14:24] No matter what happens so long as you’re passionate, So long as you have faith in God, So long as you believe it’s the right thing, it will happen.

[4:54] The inspiration behind the song You Will Never Know.
[6:06] Listen to “you will never know”
[15:20] Find out more about the South Sudanese Culture
[17:50] Listen to “everything”
[21:50] Amanie’s production process
[24:23] Amanie’s amazing production crew
[26:48] Amanie’s Favourite part in music production
[29:00] Performances
[32:10] Listen to” Peacemaker”
[35:48] The inspiration towards writing Peacemaker
[44:15] Sneak peek to Amanie’s next album.
[46:30] Listen to “The Hills”
[56:53] Listen to “Eritrean Eyes”

Joining us in the studio for a second time is South-Sudanese born, and Toronto based, singer/songwriter Amanie Illfated. Amanie immigrated alongside her family from South Sudan to Saskatchewan in 1992 as refugees from the war-torn nation. At only the tender age of 16, she left her family to pursue her music career dream.

[3:39] Find out more about Amanie’s new album.
It all started off as a simple metaphor. When people look at the planet Saturn, all they see is this beautiful planet with an amazing shape and wonderful rings around it, but deep inside, if you really look at what Saturn is made of, it’s all toxic. There’s a lot of turmoil and storms going on inside it. People love to see things as beautiful and leave it at that, but don’t really know what’s going on inside. So, all the songs in her album represent a different aspect of turmoil inside, but it’s done in a beautiful way.

[10:35] Following her dreams
At only a young and tender age of 16, Amanie decided to leave home to follow her musical career dream.
Asked how she got her stunning confidence and self-belief Amanie says she has three individuals that she looks up to. The first is her father, the sheer determination and courage that he had to take them from a war-torn South-Sudan nation all the way to Canada is nothing short of inspirational. With him, there always seemed to be a solution to every problem he faced.
The other person is her uncle, a former South-Sudanese soldier who died in 2016. He approached all issues in life armed with nothing but confidence and faith in God. Her aunt, who also moved to Canada 13 years ago, with four kids on her own is her other source of inspiration. Somehow, she always figured out how to make ends meet, all by herself. Even though she didn’t have anything, she always seemed to pull everything together. This is where Amanie got a lot of her confidence from, that no matter what happens, so long as you’re passionate, so long as you have faith in God, so long as you believe it’s the right thing to do, it will happen.

[38:33] Amanie’s favorite things to do.
Some of the top things Amanie enjoys doing is attending festivals, cooking, running, yoga. Yoga is one of Amanie’s top things to do, as it helps her calm and clears her mind. As an artist, with everything going on, the emails, the preparations, the performances etc, yoga is her way to escape it all and find a bit of bliss. 1 – 2 hours of yoga.

*Listen to Amanie’s first visit to our show in the episode DE68

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