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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jan 18, 2019

We celebrate episode #200 on the dHarmic Evolution today with an old friend, “Jacked up Jimmy” he comes to the interview in classic Jacked up Style loud and boisterous as ever. But he left the interview in such a sweat that he jumped into some strangers Hot Mustang and sped off to take care of his Union problem!                                         
On the show, he explains to James Kevin about his troubles with the Union, men showing up without their workboots, and no hard hats. Member of the Elks Club Lodge bowls with his buddies on Tuesday night.                                                                                              

Favorite quotes by Jacked up Jimmy:

“A guy comes with his boots off, what is that,? or he shows up without his

hard hat, sometimes they don’t cooperate and I gotta make sure they do”

“You gotta have alignment, you can’t just have complete anarchy.”

“It's like going to bowling at night without the ball, sometimes we do go bowling without the ball, its just a happenstance of circumstance.”

“Listen you gotta understand something about the bowling, it’s never about the bowling, it’s an excuse the get away from our wives.”

“Its camaraderie, its escapist, it’s escapism, that's the whole thing about it.”

“James Kevin, so you have a camaraderie session, and you sit there and complain about your wife.”

Injuries to Vilhelm Fernandahollow, who threw the ball so hard that he sprained his scrotum, but he will be back, he will be bigger than sliced bread.

On the subject of English Bob:

“He’s got me waiting in the Lobby!”

“Maybe there is some trouble at home with Mama Bob?”

“Mama Bob, she’s the Matriarch, she’s like the ark of the covenant.”

Jacked up Jimmy’s beeper went off and he had to go take care of “Union business and throw some guy off a roof or something.”

                                                                                          Jacked up Jimmy video on Youtube

State of Grace single

Geography of the Soul Album

                                                                                              State of Grace Written by James Kevin O’Connor

You tried to tear me up and then spit me out like broken glass on a highway crash you did a pretty shameful thing when we said goodbye and you walked out with that ring, I felt a little bitty sting.


But I will not retaliate, cause my life’s just great, no need to reciprocate, its just not my state. I refuse to evaluate, my heart holds no hate, I will not participate, I'm in a state of grace.

You must’ve had a Mississippi moment way down deep in the delta where your daddy was born, are you a little bit torn, the thought never struck me till now that way down deep inside you were a woman of scorn, is that the way you were born?


I'm sending dangerous angels, to wrap their soft white wings around your heart, and help you make a new start……


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