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Nov 23, 2018

“Beat the Piñata” is all about suffering abuse and rising above it.

Pick up some tools to use to help you through days of suffering depression and reliving some of the horrors that you went through.

Attracting abused people into your life without knowing it, how does this happen?

Abuse Tracker, online tracking blog about some of the Catholic Church firestorm of priests that have violated the trust of children.

So many of us know someone that has suffered some kind of emotional, physical, or physiological abuse. (Sometimes all 3)

Having your life systematically stolen from you, having your innocence stolen, when you should be in discovery mode, you discover that the very people that were supposed to be protecting you, end up violating your trust in a mile disgusting manner.

So why Beat the Piñata? This song allowed me to vent my rage and start to understand the circumstances as to why. But one day you do discover that you do have value, and perhaps your tormenter was tortured themselves, and sick but not even knowing how sick they were, and why.

“Tools to battle the demons”
Do not isolate!
Talk to a stranger, you can also help them……
Share something of value with them, you have something that they need and will value, this will make
you feel good, and when you bless someone with value, you receive that blessing back!
Comedy!, Make sure you watch The Three Stooges, Best of Curly is a good one!

James starting to play more electric guitar, his focus has been on singing and songwriting, but still loves to play guitar!

Feel your “Gratitude”

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Links, sites, etc…….

Beat the Piñata~ (From the Geography of the Soul Album)

Beat the Piñata
Beat it till it breaks
Beat the piñata
Slice it like a steak
Beat the piñata
See it swinging from a tree
Step up and take your turn, singing Doe, Ray, Me

You are like an angry vicious marauding dog, you've got your bight into me just like a bone to A saw, stuck in your bull dyke black and white habit,
You used me like a fucking test lab rabbit


Hiding from the morning fathers rage, positioned all the cereal boxes like a cage,
Never found a level of trust achieved, I'd just walk home battered,
Beaten bereaved, walk home battered, Beaten bereaved........


Bless me
Father for I have sinned, I guess I'll conjure up a couple confessions for Father Quinn
Is this an Irish Catholic joke that I'm living in?
All I need is my shrink and a great big bottle of gin,


Take a look at that thing, it looks a lot like me,
Beat me red baby beat me blue, beat me raw and ill bleed for you,
Beat me up and then cut me down, I'll just crawl away bleeding, without a sound
Without a sound, but I want no acts of vengeance, I guess I'll just forgive you.


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