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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jun 2, 2023

Maritza is originally from Bogota, Colombia – South America where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

A professional Project Assistant who excelled
working in Corporate America for a 100 Fortune
company, and later on moved to work with General
Contractors and Subcontractors scaling in her Career to become a Project Engineer and in the latest years of her corporate venture.

Maritza then moved to work with small business owners helping them with Business Development increasing their impact among their area of expertise, as well as setting Operational and Administrative processes such as workflows, reports, forms, etc.

After mastering the duties that Small Business Owners required, Maritza created a professional virtual assistant service to assist Small Business, and busy professionals tackle their most annoying tasks, and today is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs to increase their visibility through podcast guesting and social media lead generation services.

Maritza gives back to the community by creating jobs for women and men who leave their careers to manage their home life and families, by keeping them employed with a flexible schedule and access to a residual income.

MP-Virtual Assist Team is passionate, perfectly bilingual, knowledgeable, and detail-oriented.

Maritza is committed to Sacred Hut, an International Foundation and Non -Profit Organization, with Head quarters in her home state of Florida. Sacred Hut is dedicated to spread positiveness and mindful living around the World.


Quote #1

Since I got my first iPad, so very familiar with the world and, when I decided to open the virtual assistant company,  I realized that that was one of the things that entrepreneurs were looking for, you know, like research podcasts in which they could guested.

Quote #2

"I started with one entrepreneur that said, okay, you're new.

 Let me try you out and see how many, how many interviews you can get me in a month. Um, and she was expecting two or three, you know, and the very first month I got her eight interviews.

Eight interviews. I I didn't expect that. Yeah. She was my first client and she didn't expect that. So she's like, how do you do this?

Quote #3

"So I go and look for business podcast's that are out there, and I  go ahead and read their descriptions and I highlight the ones that I need to listen to and I take the time to listen to one, or two different chapters, sometimes more, but I listen to and, my          VA's do the same thing. They listen to the podcast.


Don’t do it all, we can help you with our group of professional Virtual Assistants.



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