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Podcasting Your Global Career

May 12, 2023

Wanda Howard is a parenting coach for those who love the abundance that God creates through the vehicle of business and how scaling as an entrepreneur brings great fulfillment in their life and they want to know how to bring that same feeling of purpose-driven success as a parent so that their kids can be emotionally healthy and confidently driven in their own life.



I believe that God did not send kids to us to say, okay, now you are the adult that should know all the answers and know exactly everything that they need. I think that he handpicked these amazing spirits for us because he knew that they had value.


Quote #2

I didn't want my kids to feel that way. I didn't want them to feel like they couldn't make a decision without me. I wanted them to know, like how to use their very capable, uh, deduction, reasoning, brain like intelligence and make their own decisions. And if they make a wrong one, then they're just better educated and that's not a crime.



I predominantly do one-on-one coaching with parents, but I love to get to know their kids as well. So I love it when their kids have questions and to help them, and that's lots of fun too.


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