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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jan 30, 2023

William Harris is the CEO of Elumynt, an advertising agency for e-commerce, and has helped 13 businesses get acquired, with the largest selling for $800 million. He is a dad of three and enjoys playing music and basketball with his family.

William Harris always dreamed of being a rock star, but when 2008 hit, he had to find a way to support his family. He went back to school and got a degree in marketing, and discovered he may have a gift in that field. He found success with his first job in marketing, scaling a company by 270%. He then started his own agency - Elumynt, and helped 13 businesses get acquired. He had a vision to help businesses understand the bottom line and maximize profit through their PNLs. William found success with his business, but still made time for what was important - his family. Recently, he and his wife went on a moonlight snowshoeing date, and he continues to play his acoustic guitar and enjoy time with his children.


In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How to go from being a nurse to a CEO of a successful advertising agency.
  2. How to use blockchain technology to make a profit in the crypto market.
  3. How William Harris balances his professional life with his passion for music and being a dad and husband.





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