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Aug 5, 2022

Amie Lou Shaw is a singer-songwriter who simply compels you to listen. With her evocative, distinct voice, as described by one reviewer, her accomplished vocals will ‘mesmerise’ you. Throughout her childhood and teens, Amie performed in many shows and musicals. Having written songs since the age of 13, her vocal and song-writing style has been shaped by her earliest to present-day musical influences; some of her main influences include Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Lucie Silvas, Delta Goodrem, Celine Dion, Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill, Mariah Carey, and all styles of music from across a broad range of genres. Her song 'Travelling' was included in a Hollyoaks episode. Amie has also won a competition (and was personally chosen by Tat) to have her song "Simple Things" recorded by Tat Tong of T2 Productions, who has gone 60 times platinum and charted at number one in 66 countries.

After first appearing on DE 28, she’s back again with another hit single, “On My Mind”.  So strap up your seatbelts, and let’s take a ride to the  UK on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution podcast.

As a Preview


In this episode, we have Amie Lou Shaw discuss songwriting. She talks about her multiple songwriting processes, and James chips in some pro-advice too. She talks about teaching the flute and song analysis with her student and how that has become a positive feedback loop. We celebrate some of her latest achievements by inking a record deal with leopard music and also discuss her summer plans. Simply put, this episode was a mixture of learning and fun, all here on the dHarmic evolution. podcast




Beginners can teach you to be very clear and concise with your music- Amie

I really like the therapeutic side of music; I love helping my students write songs that can help them get through whatever they are facing-Amie

If you want to understand something better, teach it-James

You can’t rush the process of music… As an upcoming musician, the most important thing is a connection with your audience.-Amie

Songwriting gets easier when you have a strong subject; it doesn’t matter whether it is a person or place.-James

Am I using the best words, the best lyrics? Am I passing this in the clearest way possible?-Amie

When your antenna is up, you can pick up the most incredible things-James

When I was thirteen, I used to think I’ll just throw a song together, but now I’ve realized this takes real craftsmanship-Amie

Songs are timeless; it doesn’t matter when they were written, they will always have some value.-James

If there is a song in your heart, you’ve got to write it-Amie


Time Stamps


04:01 Amie’s longtime dream fulfilled

07:01 What does Amie teach?

08:36 Amie’s teaching experiences

13:00 Breaking down a song with a vocalist

14:00 Why Amie believes music can’t be rushed

15:10 Broken Man from Amie plays

20:36 Behind Broken Man

21:56 James thought about ‘why you can’t rush the process of music.’

23:56 Amie’s approach to songwriting

28:17 Amie’s secret about eavesdropping

34:19 Another writing pro-tip from master singer-songwriter James

36:46 On my mind from Amie plays

40:10 What has been on Amie Lou’s mind?

45:00 Amie shares her summer plans

46:40 The title of Amie’s new album

47:13 Amie’s vinyl plan.

50:20 Amie inked a deal with Leopard Music

54:02 Amie’s last word

55:10  Ride On by James Kevin O’Connor plays

Amie’s Bio:

Amie Lou Shaw  Biography 2022

  • Amie’s music is a blend of Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter, Country & Folk.
  • Amie has been coached by Kelly Bryan (Eternal) and Eliot May (Basement Jaxx) 
  • Amie worked on a song written by Simon Bailey called ‘You Gave Me My Wings’ who has been opening act for Many big names including Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston on her final gig.
  • Amie’s song ‘Travellin’ was played on an episode of Hollyoaks. 
  • Amie won a competition (as was selected personally by Tat himself), to have her track ‘Simple Things’ recorded by Tat Tong of T2 Productions. Tat has gone 60 X Platinum and charted at number 1 in 66 countries. The track was mastered by Earle Holder who has mastered for Public Enemy, Candice and Tamaeko Star among many others he is considered to be one of the top mastering engineers worldwide. 
  • One of Amie co-writers is working with a producer that works closely with Big Machine Records. He works with a team of writers that have pitched songs to Amanda and have had a top 10 hit in the Billboard charts with a song called ‘Burn.’ 
  • Amie has written with Maggie K De Monde who was in a band called ‘Scarlet Fantastic’ and ‘Swan’s Way’ and had a hit in the 80’s with a song called ‘No Memory.’ 
  • Amie had recent play on BBC Introducing and plans to record at Abbey Road studios this year 
  • Amie co-wrote a few songs with Andy Ross of A Star Studios in Manchester, Andy was a Mercury Prize nominated winner and has had his music published by Clipper’s Music. Neil Fairclough who has played for Queen played bass. Simon Moore played drums, he has played for for Jocelyn Brown, Shaznay Lewis, former stone roses front man Ian Brown and Steve Power as part of the production team with Robbie Williams ‘Millenium’ amongst other artists. 
  • Amie has written a song with Kelly Fitzgerald, who has toured all over the world as a solo and ensemble performer. She and her band have shared stages with artists such as John Hyatt, Shelby Lynn, Nancy Griffith, Cheap Trick, Eddie Money, Vonda Shepherd and Ben Taylor amongst others. Her writing partner Brian Pothier (who has also shown an interest in working with Amie on a few tracks) co-wrote and recorded the song ‘Thank you’ with Christina Fulton, which premiered on MTV’s ‘The Jersey Shore’. She recorded one of her albums with Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick) 


  • Amie has just been featured on radio show IWW Radio and has taken advice on her music from the host, Fred May, who’s records have now gone 1.5 million platinum. He is keen to feature Amie again on the show in a few months. 


“I came across She Knows Me on the BBC Introducing uploader and I’ve picked it as BBC Sussex & BBC Surrey’s BBC Introducing Track of the Day. It’ll be played at around 3.40pm on Friday.' Melita Dennett”

- Melita Dennett, BBC Introducing

“Amie’s music is warm, moving, spiritual and exciting… potent tonic for the senses.” Earle Holder – Chief Mastering Engineer Hdqtrz Mastering Studios


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