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Oct 29, 2021

We’ve got a great show coming up today, as we have a very special young man. He’s a singer, songwriter, sound engineer, and many more. He's been on the show before, and he is the engine of the band, Radio Drive. Get ready for a ride today as we go to Minnesota with Kevin Gullickson!

Radio Drive is an Alternative Pop Rock band, and as the engine of the band, Kevin has won international awards and nominations for his music and music videos. Their music has been aired on the radio around the world alongside major artists, top indie charts, and has received rave reviews. They have also been featured on websites and radio shows around the world. Their music has been used on shows airing on NBC networks, Animal Planet, National Geographic, Comedy Central, Fox channels, History Channel, Spike TV, and Discovery Channel in the US and around the world.

Today, we’ll get to hear some of his great tracks featured on the show, and see what he likes doing, and really get to know more about him and how he does his work. A warm dHarmic welcome back to Kevin Gullickson of Radio Drive!

More about Kevin Gullickson/Radio Drive

Check out Kevin’s past episode here, to know more about him and his previous works.

Also, Kevin is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and he has a website that you can visit too. Don’t forget to check them out so you can be updated about him and his great music. All links are provided below!



“As an artist, whatever you're creating, your influences show up in one-way shape or form.”


“A simple love song but I kind of went beyond just the initial feelings of love. When you first fall in love and the stars and everything in your hearts. I really feel that love is a commitment. There may be days where you don't feel like loving your spouse or your kids but you're committed to them so you love them all the same. That feeling is going to pass, you'll makeup and everything will be fine but it's about that “You can always depend on me, I'm going to be your castle on the rock, immovable, unshakable. I'm here for you, I love you, and I always will.”


“I'm thankful we have a nice big backyard that goes about 100 yards deep and there's a pond and you know, a nice wooded area, we have a fire pit in the back. Nothing better than to just spend an evening by the fire, family and friends, and just chilling. My wife and I love to just relax and watch movies or documentaries and stuff on Netflix or Amazon just to kind of wind down. Of course, I love being with my family. We love to travel, haven't traveled for a good long time, but we love to travel and just discover new things and stuff. So we're pretty low-key.”


”I think what comes to mind is just be yourself. Be authentic. I don't think we need any more copycats. I think that the artists that get the most respect over time are those that are the most original... I think the music industry is really hungry for more artists and bands like that. So I would really encourage you to be that person to make that bold step and put out something like that.”


00:44     Introducing Radio Drive’s Kevin Gullickson

02:25     The new release of Radio Drive’s album

03:17     A backstory of how James got connected to Stuart Epps through Kevin.   

07:33     What was his impetus on the new album?

10:41     Kevin shares about Minnesota and the city he is near.

13:15     Listen to “It’s  Who I Am” by Radio Drive

19:07     What is “It’s Who I Am” about?

20:35     How was “It’s Who I Am” built and played out?

23:58     Kevin about using AirGigs.

25:14     How does Kevin put all the tracks together?

26:54     The tools that Kevin uses and likes working in.

29:58     Kevin shares about his awards and how they started out.

32:08     The level of work that Kevin has to put in to keep things going

33:54     Listen to “Let My Love Be The Proof” by Radio Drive

39:05     The bright spots and challenges of doing promotional avenues that he does.

42:15     What does Kevin like to do to chill out?

43:19     Kevin’s favorite place for gigs.

44:39     Artists, genre, and the types of music that Kevin likes to listen to.

47:39     What are Kevin's aspirations and what is he looking forward towards in 2022?

49:43     The best place to connect with Kevin Gullickson.

50:25     Kevin’s shoutout and last words of wisdom especially to the youngsters and upcoming musicians

52:55     Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor

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