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Apr 30, 2021

We’re going to the great state of Pennsylvania today! We’re going to visit a band called Circle of Sanity. They have a combined array of styles. They were brought together by faith friends and a little luck. Ever since then, they've been writing new material, performing songs, and all written by individual members before they got together. Now, they've got this great gig and they're playing shows locally and regionally – they've done everything from 50 seats to a thousand seats. Leaving with an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience.

Today, we’re going to chat with Josh Sapna, the band’s guitarist and vocalist. Let’s get to know him more, what he enjoys aside from music, his approach to songwriting, and of course listen to some of their great music from the EP: Celestial Mechanics. Listen to Break the Silence, Mortal Coil, and Ride on. Don’t forget to check on other music that they have as well on your favorite platform. We’ve got some pretty heavy music coming up with Circle of Sanity!

More about Josh Sapna

Circle of Sanity:

Josh Sapna – guitars and vocals;

Carson Slovak – bass

Grant McFarland – drums.

Make sure to check out and support Josh Sapna and his band, Circle of Sanity. All the band’s social media links are provided below.



We always thought we got together to jam that was where we got our sanity back and escaped from everything, and that became our circle. There you have it. It was born “the circle of sanity.”


Books left open to interpretation, which I do on purpose. Yeah, so my songs, I don't want to be too definite in the meanings, because I want more people to be able to apply their own life and experience to it.


The number one thing and I have always said is this. Never. There's never been a time that I sat down to write a song and said, Will other people like this? Not once. The only question in my mind is at the end of it? Do I like it? when I buy this would I be impressed with it? and I don't know if that sounds selfish. But that's really the only way you can stay true to yourself is to not worry at all about what anyone else is going to think of it.


02:05 Introducing Circle of Sanity’s Josh Sapna.

03:16 How did Josh and his bandmates came up with their band name.

04:40 What is Josh busy with aside from music?

06:06 Listen to “Break the Silence” by Circle of Sanity

11:15 What’s the metaphor behind “Break the Silence”.

13:46 Josh’s approach to songwriting.

16:01 Listen to “Mortal Coil” by Circle of Sanity

23:20 Josh tells us more about “Mortal Coil”.

28:52 What is Josh’s plan after the pandemic?

32:51 What is chill stuff for Josh Sapna?

35:46 Josh gives us a little peek into the studio when recording.

39:04 Listen to “Ride On” by Circle of Sanity.

43:56 Did Josh had COVID?

45:00 Josh Sapna on Spotify.

49:44 Is there any thoughts or schedule on releasing a new album?

51:11 Some words of wisdom from Josh to the future artists.

53:48 Listen to “State of Grace” by James Kevin O’Connor


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