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Sep 18, 2020

Mary Albertoli is a former clinical social worker who is on a mission to execute actionable solutions to help individuals struggling with mental health problems. She has a Degree in Social Work from Columbia University and has practiced for 12 years, specializing in counseling children, adolescents, and young adults suffering from mental illness.

Even though she left the counseling profession, Mary kept up with the news and statistics in the industry. With shocking numbers of a 56% jump in suicide rates, coupled with school shootings and drug overdoses, Mary knew that something had to be done in order to help the youth population from continuing on the path of self-destruction.

Having worked with both individuals and group session clients between the age of 10-24, Mary knows first hand from experience that individuals in this age group don’t tend to open up a lot.

A lot of youth go through mental problems, but because this isn’t a popular topic in society, they end up feeling either disgraced or ashamed of these new feelings, and instead of talking things out, they instead act out.

Social media in current times has only acted to catalyze the rate at which young adults experience loneliness, depression, and social anxiety.

A lot of teenagers using social media end up experiencing ‘splintered identity’ A phenomenon in which teenagers report feeling very good and inspired about one post and feeling the total opposite in the next post.

This has made them disconnect from their true and authentic self, further isolating themselves, and going through more suffering.

Handling depression when growing up.

Growing up back in the day, it was very unpopular for guardians to help you through tough mental problems. A lot of these issues were merely swept under the carpet - as you’re told to ‘power through the pain’

This has proven to expose unhealed wounds of the past that need to be catered to. The pain that you powered through is the reason for your current suffering. And it can only be solved by having open and genuine conversations about your feelings surrounding the traumatic experience, and how it has affected you.

Mary was able to handle the mental pain and depression that she suffered as a child in her adult life.

Having faced the demons in her closet, Mary was inspired to help others accomplish the same. And this is the inspiration behind ‘The Shift’ - A platform where individuals can connect with counselors, peers, and other individuals, to share issues they’re going through without the fear of feeling judged or condemned.

Mary now hopes that the platform can evolve to be a diverse tool with resources that help all demographics in working through their mental problems.

In conclusion, remember to always live in the present moment, because nothing is more important than life itself. Be loving, kindful, and generous to your neighbor, especially in these fraudulent times, because we’re all going through something, and the only way out, is by supporting each other.

Text hello to the crisis hotline 741741 and a counselor will discreetly attend to you.


“It’s easy to think that you’re alone in life when you’re isolated, this coupled with the pandemic facto is why so many people are going through depression right now. And when humans suffer, they only isolate more.” - Mary on the quiet loop of depression

“A lot of young adults are embarrassed by their mental issues because this isn’t something they’re accustomed to. The shift is about changing the conversation so that these individuals can know that they’re not alone, and what they’re going through is normal.”

“The important thing to remember is that nothing is permanent, things change, and they’re still changing on a daily basis. Something better will eventually come - How to cope with the current pandemic”

“I love being in service to other people because it helps me discover myself even more. The mental path that I’ve journeyed through life is successful because I can openly share what I’m going through without feeling alone.” - Mary on why she loves volunteering”


02:48 The shift
05:47 The effects of social media on the youth
08:19 Tools used in the shift
11:13 Finding ways to handle and release stress
13:47 How we’ve come to where we are
16:26 What Mary and her team are doing to help people
18:19 Mary’s defining moment for creating the shift
24:17 Making the difference
25:29 How volunteering has fulfilled Mary’s life
27:50 Experience working with different kids
31:26 The future of the shift

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