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Podcasting Your Global Career

Feb 3, 2023

Chase Thornock was a CEO of a venture-backed technology company. He became very sick and was hospitalized, unable to eat or get nutrition. He was given every medication available but nothing worked. 

Through his darkest moments, he received a message from God that he must heal himself. He now helps others learn how to trust and heal their bodies.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. Achieving Health and Wellness Through Self-Reliance: How Chase overcame a severe illness to become medication-free and regain his health.
  2. Overcoming Life Struggles By Facing Yourself: How an individual came to terms with their physical health by changing their mindset and taking responsibility for their own choices.
  3. Unlocking the Healing Potential of the Body: How a client in the medical field was able to go medication-free and achieve normal blood work in their sixties with the help of a mentor.


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