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Podcasting Your Global Career

Oct 23, 2020

We’re heading out west today. All the way from Colorado, let’s take a ride on the musical journey with the sole theme of “In It Together” with singer-songwriter Sarah Christine!

With eclectic inspirations from pop, indie, folk, to even electronic sounds, Sarah Christine’s music is undeniably rare. She enjoys the technicality behind EDM and finds interest in learning how to put that together and produces some of that music on her own.

Sarah Christine’s journey unravels the cathartic episodes she has experienced and overcome in life. She once faced a near-death accident when she got hit by an F-150 truck. Consequently, her experiences in life, even when she was still juggling her corporate job and music career to going full time in music and everything in between ended up pointing her to what she is here for.

Moreover, these have been the inspirations to the lyrics of her songs. “Like the Movies” was about her getting married at a young age; everything seemed awesome, then things started breaking apart. One day, she woke up literally with nothing.

On a lighter note, when she just moved from Minneapolis to Colorado. Her neighbor was throwing a rager and blasting some John Mayer songs on a vinyl player at about 2 a.m. She got up and knocked on the neighbor’s door. Instead of asking him to lower the volume, she asked him to turn the music up. She got hooked with the music. As a result, she was inspired to write “Summer Nights”

Thoughts about streaming services, dealing with the pandemic

Sarah Christine is adapting to the emerging streaming services by learning the nitty-gritty like the QR code with Spotify, setting up playlists, understanding how everything interconnects with the algorithm, and how that to connects with other platforms. She believes that these platforms are invaluable to her. Hence, she focuses on how can she use the platforms to get as many people as possible and try to connect with them through her songs. And from there, she tries to figure out how to build relationships with those people.

Like with any other businesses, Sarah Christine’s career is also affected by the pandemic. 52 shows that she has set up herself have now been canceled. Right now, Sarah Christine is working on private shows and doing custom songs on the side. Above all, the value is the relationship she builds with and the lessons she learns from the people she writes the songs for.

Learn more about Sarah Christine

To know more about her life, music, or should you ever wish to have a custom song made by the one and only Sarah Christine, please do not hesitate to visit her website and other links listed below.


3:28 How does she prefer to be called?

5:24 Who are Sarah Christine’s musical influences?

8:28 Listen to “Summer Nights” by Sarah Christine

13:34 Story behind “Summer Nights”

16:36 Listen to “For You” by Sarah Christine

22:47 The love for vinyl players

27:21 What are her thoughts about streaming services both as a consumer and an artist?

31:47 Listen to “Like the Movies” by Sarah Christine

37:00 Story behind “Like the Movies”

42:44 Continuation of the discussion about streaming services and dealing with the pandemic

50:26 Listen to “Aspen” by Sarah Christine

57:18 The story about the accident she was involved in with an F-150 truck

1:04:08 Connect with Sarah Christine

1:05:14 Parting message and motivational words

1:07:31 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor


The mistakes are sometimes the best part of the music.

I replaced all the anger and hatred with love and forgiveness. And once I did that, it was like, oh man! The world is off my shoulders.

You have certain things that happen, where they end up pointing you into what is your purpose, what are you here for.

I think I think we have to just try to enjoy the journey a little bit more on the way I mean, it can be frustrating, but I think if we get a few little victories along the way, it's okay to stop and just, you know, celebrate that, you know

The universe tends to provide I think, what you're doing what you love

Stay strong out there on your worst days. It will get better, just keep pushing forward.

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