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Oct 9, 2020

Let’s welcome for the second time on the Dharmic Evolution, full-fledged singer/songwriter, musician, and theatre performer, Cory Singer!

What’s new with Cory?

Cory hopped on the bandwagon and started his own TikTok account with music and funny content. People started noticing him when he uploaded a video talking about autism, specifically Asperger’s disorder or high functioning autism. With the unexpected turn of events, he got many views, likes, and even questions from parents with kids who are also on The Spectrum. Cory then started putting out more content talking about what it’s like being on the higher end of the spectrum, his interests, and also the things that bother him.

His videos inspired a lot of people making them realize that they are not alone anymore and that there are others who are going through the same situation. Cory shared that this was also true to him back when he was in high school. Luckily, he has a best friend, who also has Asperger’s disorder - he has been with him even when they were students and now considers him as his brother. He highly believes that kids on the spectrum should have a safe space to talk and relate with people for them to be assured that they are not alone. Aside from his inspirational videos, Cory also uploads funny skits to make people laugh and brighten their day.

As a theatrical performer

We can recall on Cory’s past guest appearance in our podcast where his mom shared that certain people are trying to convince him to change his style of voice, but Cory stuck to his guns and grew comfortably to his own skin. He believes that in this superficial society where everybody is trying to fit in, he still chooses to be remembered by sticking out and being different. His voice is basically his brand; this led him to great opportunities especially with being part of theatre shows.

Becoming a theatrical performer has always been a dream of Cory’s. He loved watching movies and seeing productions. He got his first break when he was in grade school, and landed all the lead roles during high school. He also joined the American reality competition on Bravo called “The Kandi Factory” which sparked his interest in songwriting.

As a songwriter

For Cory, the best songs happen when he’s inspired, specifically in the evenings when he is finished working his two jobs, and he can be “in the moment” to write good songs.

In addition to being a singer, songwriter, and theatre actor, Cory is also a fulltime warehouse worker and part-timer at a local deli. He does not want to be stagnant and keeps himself busy particularly during these times when theatres and other venues for artists are shut down due to the pandemic.

Journey to becoming fit and healthy

Staying in shape is very important for singers. Cory used to be overweight, weighing in at 220 lbs! But was motivated by a songwriter in Nashville to change his lifestyle and start his journey to becoming fit. He lost 70 lbs and has maintained his weight by watching what he eats and working out.

Learn more about Cory

Get to know more about Cory, his music, theatre performances, and TikTok videos through the links below.

Stories behind some of his songs

“Everybody Sing” – This song was written in thirty (30) minutes. It is about personal freedom and everything that is happening in the world at the moment when Cory wrote this song.

“Blind in Love” – This was produced by Wes Edmunds (Wyclef Jean’s producer)

“Goodbye Felicia” – This song is the closest to Cory’s personality. It came from the term “bye Felicia”. Cory heard this from his mom when she was dealing with a specific person and she kept saying that term, so he decided to write a song about it.

“Girl”- This is stemmed from his mom encouraging him to write a romantic song because he usually writes dark and depressing songs. It is somewhat inspired by Radiohead.


2:13 Cory’s TikTok account - music, funny videos, and talking about autism

3:59 How did he feel after sharing his story

6:02 Advantages of TikTok as a platform

7:09 Thoughts about disallowing TikTok in the United States

8:25 Listen to “Everybody Sing” by Cory Singer

12:30 Juggling stage performances and musical career

14:08 Sticking to the style of his voice

16:11 What inspired Cory to become a theatrical performer

17:03 Listen to “Blind in Love” by Cory Singer

21:40 Songwriting process

24:35 Cory’s two jobs

29:52 Listen to “Goodbye Felicia” by Cory Singer

34:47 Favourite comedy actors

37:33 Skits on TikTok

38:52 Cory’s social life

40:47 journey to becoming fit and healthy, intermittent fasting

44:45 Listen to “Girl” by Cory Singer

48:59 Eclectic music inspirations

50:38 Words of wisdom

51:28 Connect with Cory

52:47 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor


I think the fact that you have that kind of bravery and transparency helps a lot of people who struggle with exactly what you struggle with.  

Kids on the spectrum should have a safe space so they can talk to people, relate to them, and know they're not alone.

That's how everybody should be. I feel like especially now these days, we live in such a superficial kind of society, where everybody's trying to fit in. But that's how you get forgotten. By sticking out and just doing you, that's how you're likely to be remembered.  

Some people have that in mind that work is a dirty word, a four (4) letter word they say you know, but work is such a blessing. And I was talking to some people about this recently a working physical is one of the best gifts you could ever have.  

Focus on your abilities, not your disabilities.  

Connect with Cory 

Cory Singer
Cory Singer

Selected links and mentions 

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