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Nov 12, 2021

We’re going to hang out with an awesome young lady today who is soon to be another dHarmic rising star alumni. She is a worship leader at Ethos Church and she is also writing, producing and releasing her own music, plus completing her degree in commercial music. Strap up your seatbelts because we’re going to take a ride today to the Music City in Nashville Tennessee, with Natalie Layne!

Natalie learned to lead worship and write her own songs from several worship pastors, including Cory Asbury, Jon Egan, and Jared Anderson. By the time she was 14, she was leading teams of musicians at the New Life church, serving in their children and youth ministries. In high school and college, she traveled to other churches across America leading worship and sharing her original songs.

Natalie describes her sound as “CCM, always with a hint of R&B.” Her EP, “Where Soul Meets the Sound'' combines several musical genres to create a unique musical style. After releasing singles, “Burn Every Ship,” “Gracious,” and “You”, she began creating a full album, “Be Human'' that was released on the 3rd of July 2020.

Get to know more about this young lady, hear her stories, her creative process and even her future plans. Also, we'll get to listen to some of her awesome music here in this episode of the dHarmic Evolution with Natalie Layne!

More about Natalie Layne

Natalie is active on her Instagram and TikTok. All the links to her social media and music platforms are available below. Check out her pages and support her work and music.



I love it all, I do. That's how I knew I wanted to be an artist. I was like, “I love every part of this process, so maybe I should do this forever.“


“Steady'' was actually a song that we wrote over Zoom during the first week of COVID stuff happening, just when we were needing something steady. I think everybody was feeling that way. So, we wanted to capture that in the recording and the mixing in the master of like, “there's something we're needing here and we're needing an energy behind it to express that.”


I think actually, it can be kind of dangerous if we're like, “the process has to be like this.” Because, it just limits so much of the creativity and, so much of the fun, and child likeness and discovery of it being whatever it's gonna be for that song. 


I think stuff like that to people are like, “I need an hour or two hours to do that, and I don't have that much time.” That's not true. Well, you can do something in five minutes, that will totally change the rest of your day.


I always think about, if I could go back and talk to myself at the beginning of college, maybe that would be the time I would need somebody to just tell me to just chill out, because it's gonna be okay, it's gonna work out fine. It's gonna take some time, probably more years than you think, but if you stick it out, things will work out and you'll meet your people and find your way. 



01:25 Introducing Natalie Layne

04:08 Natalie tells about her childhood and where she came from originally

05:55 How was Natalie's experience in Belmont University?

08:24 Natalie’s favorite part of her creative process

10:55 Listen to “Steady” by Natalie Layne

13:32 Natalie shares what she felt when she first mixed and played back “Steady.”

16:36 Natalie takes us to the studio during the production of “Steady.” 

20:45 Natalie talks about her family and her church experiences in leading worship.

24:21 Is Natalie focused on Christian music or does she also do secular songs?

25:40 The process of songwriting where it reveals the truth of the song later.

28:13 Listen to “Something Good” by Natalie Layne.

31:41 The story behind “Something Good”

34:18 Natalie shares how her process is when it comes to co-writing.

36:49 Natalie’s day-to-day habits and what her schedule looks like, and her most appreciated asset on how to get creative.

41:34 Natalie’s take on journaling and vision boards.

42:50 What gives Natalie joy during down time outside of music?

46:57 What are Natalie’s goals, aspirations and what is she looking forward to most in the future?

48:20 Natalie’s advice to the young singer, songwriters, and musicians who are struggling.

50:49 Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor


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Cory Asbury

Jon Egan

Jared Anderson

Jay Speight (Natalie’s producer)

Cooper Bascom

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Earth, Wind & Fire



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