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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jul 30, 2021

We have a special young man on this episode of the dHarmic Evolution and he is coming from Houston Texas to Nashville, Tennessee. Gabe Baker is a passionate leader that possesses profound abilities to effectively communicate, create, and problem solve in a variety of environments due to his wide range of working and interpersonal experience. 

Gabe is currently focusing on his career as a singer songwriter and a cellist. He formerly served as a policy advisor and community engagement strategist for the Harris County Judge. He has a driven heart to serve, organize and inspire through his leadership roles in Christian ministry and community engagement work. He is a former technical roadway engineer at the engineering consulting firm HNTB. He graduated from the Houston Graduate School of Theology with a Master of Theological Studies degree, a former engineering student, athlete, and captain of the football team at Rice University, and a skilled public speaker. Gabe is committed to learning and growing as an individual keenly focused on impacting the lives of those around him and capitalizing on any opportunity that comes his way.

Today, we’re going to learn more about Gabe’s music, his influences, his family, and life stories that inspire him, and his songwriting. In this episode, we featured his songs titled “Mother” and “Upside Down.” Get to hear his music and the stories behind it as we go to Nashville with Gabe Baker.

More about Gabe Baker

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“My music journey now means so much more to me because I really do feel so inspired to do it…”


“I guess my musical expression was like picking on my guitar in my dorm room at nights and helping lead some worship at church. So, it was still there. I'm singing all the time in the shower, and all around, and having fun with that, because you never stop being a musician.”



“The song was made, it was really inspired by, just this whole new season of emotions and feelings and situations that I was going through and found myself in. It was just a very simple, simple, concept, a simple expression of where I felt I was like, “Yep, I'm flipped upside down.””



“Don't be afraid of passionately pursuing what's on your heart. That's a huge thing. There's definitely a lot of fear and anxiety, because of the risk that whatever that means to follow what purpose you feel called to pursue, what passion you have to develop, but you're never wrong pursuing the passions that God's put on your heart.”



“The enjoyment of pursuing any dream is the process of getting there. So, I think the more you really, really, love growth, love practicing, the more you're going to enjoy the journey.”




02:50 Introducing Gabe Baker

05:09 How was Gabe’s transition to Nashville?

06:33 Gabe shares the loss of his mom

08:43 Listen to “Mother” by Gabe Baker

12:25 How did Gabe start playing the cello?

14:03 Is your family all still doing music

19:29 Did Gabe have to make a choice between music and football?

22:13 When did Gabe start songwriting?

26:04 Who are Gabe's musical influences and the artists that he listened to?

27:07 Listen to “Upside Down” by Gabe Baker

30:31 The story behind the title and the song “Upside Down”

36:02 How did Gabe feel when he started going to church?

38:07 Where does Gabe see himself going in the next five years? 

40:52 For Gabe, what is his best representation live?

43:41 Some pearls of wisdom from Gabe Baker to the younger singer, songwriter, artists, musicians who are listening to the show

47:39 Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor


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