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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jun 15, 2016

Today’s guest comes from our friendly neighbor of the great white north - Canada!

Growing up, Ed Roman did not think he would become the talented musician he was today. He grew up with dyslexia and was often awkward among others, but deep down that awkwardness, he had a gift that was waiting to be unleashed.

Ed is part of Heart Songs for Veterans and he has been very active in sharing his music with the world, laying it down one song at a time. One of his goals? To stop the flow of negativity.


Listen to the chat I had with him and prepared to be inspired!


Ed Roman songs featured:

  • Lay One Down
  • Tough Cookie
  • Think I’m Just a Fool
  • Red Omen


Reach out to Ed Roman


Twitter: @specialedroman



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