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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jun 8, 2016

More than a musician, Rob Carona is a philantrophist. He is part of Heart Songs for Veterans, a group that gives a part of the proceeds from their music to the war heroes that helped us all to keep the freedom and democracy we’re enjoying right now.


He brings us deep into how a musician lives his life: the struggles in the beginning, the songwriting process, and how to keep your music muscles toned and ready for action. Rob Carona is a talented guy with a big heart, and he likes to call himself the “do-it-all” man - writing his own songs, arranging the melody, designing his cover art, marketing, EVERYTHING! But one can only do so much.


Rob works with Jill Pavel who was also on the dHarmic Evolution podcast a few episodes back. Listen in as we are taken for a ride!

Rob Carona songs featured:

  • Drive
  • Heartbreak
  • Spark
  • Waiting on Wonderful


Reach out to Rob Carona


Twitter: @robcarona

Instagram: @robcarona



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