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Dec 16, 2022

DE350 Debbi Sluys, Vision Board Master, Teaching and Manifesting Your Future!

Debbi Sluys is a personal development and empowerment coach with a focus on creating clear vision boards. With her background as a Childcare Director and skills in public speaking, Debbi  inspires and empowers people to live their best lives and be the best professional they can be by realizing their inner power, balancing their lives and understanding the perspectives of others. So strap up your seatbelts and let’s take a ride to Ontario, Canada on this ride on the dHarmic evolution podcast 


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As a Preview

In this episode, we discuss with Debbi Sluys. We learn about her background in child care services for over 30 years before finally embracing her full potential and becoming a coach. Learn how she struggled being past a workshop facilitator and how she created her popular vision boards. Also on this episode, we have a mini-coaching session and discover that even the creator of vision boards was scared of her own dream. This episode is revealing, let’s dive in


“It wasn’t part of my job description, that’s is why I started this company, I really wanted and had an heart for educators and really wanted to support them”- Debbi

 “What’s the price you are paying for not following your dreams? What’s the price those around you are paying for you not following your dream” Speaking coach

“What would you tell your 16-year-old yourself, what would your 80-year-old self tell you?” Debbi

“I distinguish clearly between vision board and goals.” Debbi

“I think of the vision board as a beautiful gift of life” Debbi

“Instead of life opposed on us, happening to us, we have control, it is happening for us” Debbi


 01:26 Introducing our Guest: Debbi Sluys

 03:40 Where was Debbi before coaching?

 06:00 When did Debbi realize she wanted to be a coach

 09:07 How did Debbi get into the vision board?

 11:28 Debbi’s first win with a vision board

15:49 A vision board demo: dream, discover and declare

23:00 Why did Debbi want the vision board cut in half?

25:02 How does Debbi’s protocols help shorten your gestation plan?

28:13 Debbi’s personal example of turning down her dreams

31:41 Debbi’s program: Dare to Declare Academy

36:46 What does Debbi do in her down time?

36:58 James Coaching Link

39:00 Debbi and Family

41:21 Growing up as the Preacher’s kid

47:27 Who does Debbi not want to coach?

49:58 Final word with Debbi

51:23  Ride On with James Kevin


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