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Podcasting Your Global Career

Dec 2, 2022

Steve Ramona is a global sales director for Inphone. A podcaster and businessman, Steve is passionate about serving people and helping them grow their businesses. He is committed to using his full resources for free to achieve this goal. So strap up your seatbelts and let’s take a ride to San Jose, California on this ride on the dHarmic evolution podcast 


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As a Preview

In this episode, we discuss with Steve Ramona. Steve is an expert businessman with vast experience scaling products and he shares his latest, Inphone. During this episode, he explains how he knew he wasn't cut for a 9-5 and how he became the top sales guy in less than three months. Further on he shows how he actively combines trading, managing Inphone and podcasting. Finally, we close learning service is more important than sales. This episode is one of a kind. Let’s dive in


“I love serving- We need to be serving people not expecting a sale.”-Steve

“My goals are financial freedom to serve others.”-Steve

“We need to teach kids that when you do things right, you will build a business.”-Steve

“We are going to lose. It just happens in life. It’s how we rebound that matters.”-Steve

“Get better 1% every day.”-Steve


01:45 Introducing today’s guest

04:10 How did Steve get into business

06:53 Describing the Inphone

11:18 One of the features of Inphone: Track & Meet

14:43 Steve’s journey into podcasting

16:45 Steve’s guests

19:00 The culture around the Dharmic evolution podcast

20:30 Forex trading with Steve

25:30 Crypto trading

26:38 Steve’s brick& mortar businesses

30:02 Steve's father’s impact on his life 

32:11 Steve’s faith journey

34:52 Steve’s big extended family

35:20 Where will Steve be in the next 5 years?

42:38 Gratitude & Devotions

46:40 Final words from Steve

48:30 Ride On with James Kevin


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