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Podcasting Your Global Career

Oct 28, 2015

Katie is a music producer in LA California, grew up in Montana on an Indian Reservation started playing Piano as first instrument, started with the suzuki method, studied as a classical musician, but it seemed like a chore..... Once I started being creative with piano and in 8th grade i got a guitar with the Tascam Recorder, #244 experimenting with sound and instruments, and was very exciting..........

Studied in Oregon and Montana in College and knew I wanted something creative, applied to Berkley, got into Production and Engineering, I was deciding between Nashville and LA, and was interning, and landed a job at "the Village studio" and the hours were challenging, i saw the add for "Drums for you" which later became 'Studio Pro's" 

People call me from all over the world and, today I heard from people from Norway, Isreal, France, Italy, Russia, Ireland, Peru, and Gayana.

Neil Barlow was on this show earlier in the week and commented about Studio Pro's

Turn around process for a full song can happen in a week but we recommend 48 hours for each instrument to give the artist time to evaluate the songs.

We have a network of excellent musicians who are touring, and when they come off the road, they become available.

All our session musicians have their own studio's that are professional studios, not home studio's. Demo's to be pitched are something we also do..........

We attract artists through our website, some online marketing, and some social media, but delivering high quality is how we get our work..............

We are starting to offer video services, to help artists get their music out onto Youtube, Fixed Frame..........

Co Producer is Rob Hutzel


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(310) 928-7776

sandy frazier
over eight years ago

Katie is so multi-talented, diverse, creative and just plain good for your music. I call her my Santa Claus because she brings me gifts galore! ...and she'll bring out the best in you.