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May 8, 2020

Today’s show will be brief and revolve around a wonderful nature experience that I was very lucky to be a part of.

A new tweeting family recently moved in the front of my porch. Finches.

From the creative hard-work, they put in when building their nests, around Mid-March this year, all the way to laying and hatching their eggs into little chicks. The entire experience was very sublime in a very personal way to me.

With each passing day, and with the help of my phone and selfie-stick. I was able to have an up-close view of how the little chicks went through the circle of life with the help and support of their parents and each other.

Seeing that her baby chicks are getting bigger, the mother finch, in an effort to motivate her little ones into believing in themselves, would stop feeding the chicks directly, but rather, hovering just outside the nest coaxing them to approach the edge of the nest and go for their first flight.


Watching those little birds go through the circle of life; moving in, building a home, having chicks, feeding them, and pushing them into believing they can fend for themselves and have the strength to fly was a beautiful and eye-opening lesson that I had the pleasure of seeing unfold every day before my eyes.

We should learn to do the same in our lives.

We should have the confidence to believe in our capabilities - or pushing those that count on us to kick out the fear in their lives and through confidence, embrace their true and full potential -

And just as the bird flies, so should we. Fly through life in a celebratory way, rise above the fear and troubles of life, and soar every day, looking at life from different levels and angles.


(00:50) New tweeting neighbors

(3:55) Experiencing the growth of the little birds

(5:27) Taking off for the first time

(13:57) Listen to Butterfly by Cynthia Brando

(15:38) Listen to the Country girl by Alyssa Marie Coon

(22:56) Listen to Flyin

Selected links and mentions

DE257 Alyssa Marie Coon, age is “Oblivious” to talent and determination!
DE161 Cynthia Brando | Ubiquitous musical spirit championing the love and the talent of others for the benefit of all

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