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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jan 31, 2020

The number one source for new jobs and opportunities come from weak and dormant ties. Because these ties are not strangers to us and have diverse information and new potential introductions. – David Burkus

Hello everyone and welcome back to the dHarmic Evolution show! Taking a ride on the show with us today is David Burkus. A skilled researcher and inspiring communicator, David is a former associate professor of leadership and innovation at Oral Roberts University.

He has delivered keynote speeches and workshops for Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Stryker, and governmental and military leaders at the US Naval Academy and Naval Postgraduate School. His TED talk has been viewed over two million times.

An established writer, David has a number of books - and best sellers- under his belt, including; Friend of a Friend, Under New Management and The Myths of Creativity

David’s Background

While still in high school, David had his mind fixated on pursuing a career in writing. Writing, being such a divergent industry, left David entangled in a quagmire of what kind of writing niche to take on. Driven by passion, David set for his undergraduate studies in English - Creative writing.

Having lunged into different genres of writing while in College, David found himself connected and relating to Social Science non-fiction. He felt drawn to the works of Malcom Gladwell in particular. He loved just how Gladwell’s kind would use their talented storytelling and writing skills to address different issues and make an impact on the world. This inspired David to head for graduate studies in Organizational Psychology.

In January 2010, while taking his graduate studies, David, fuelled by his ambition towards social science non-fiction writing and his beliefs in networking, started a Podcast Show. Although he was faced by numerous Podcasting hurdles at the time, David remained focused and was able to leverage his show into getting interviews with top guests in his field of study (all of whom responded due to the unfamiliar, yet interesting Podcast media form). David snowballed from the connections and networks he built while podcasting and was able to transition and build his career in the writing and publishing niche without much difficulty.


[1:43] Introduction
[2:16] David’s short bio and genesis into his career
[4:01] David’s early networking and platform building strategies while in college.
[5:30] David dives into his strategies and book writing schedule.
[9:23] Reactive work
[11:25] Find out what’s wrong with today’s marketing, and how we can solve it.
[14:20] Find out about David’s role model, Daniel Pink.
[16:20] David’s early interest and skills in Computer
[18:00] Jumping from the Corporate world
[20:00] David shares how and why your past networks are of great value
[23:35] The role of Social media
[26:55] David’s interests and hobbies
[28:54] Salary transparency in Corporate America
[34:03] David’s escapes
[37:50] 2020 for David.

Quotes from the Show

[6:13] The job of an author or any artist, is to constantly be marketing oneself. Constantly building your audience. And occasionally you launch a creative work into that.
[8:00] I’ve never studied chronotypes, but I do know that reactive work, should be done in the afternoons.
[11:22] The book is a souvenir of the idea, and what you sell is an implementation of the idea.
[11:27] Marketing is just trying to get as many people as you can to go from not knowing you exist, to knowing you exist, and once they know you exist, trying to be continuously helpful.
[22:50] The number one source for new jobs and opportunities, come from weak and dormant ties. Because these ties are not strangers to us and have diverse information and new potential introductions.
[25:00] The people that you’re connected to on social media should either be people you know in the ‘Real-world’ or people that you intend to move into un in-person relationship.

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