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Podcasting Your Global Career

Jan 10, 2020

‘‘What humans care about is intent. What the other person means to us, and how we can communicate our intent towards them. And in the process, we unconsciously apply the use of body language to achieve this’’ – Nick Morgan

Joining us on the show today is one of America’s top communication speaker, theorist, and coach. Nick Morgan is an ardent and dedicated teacher who is committed to helping individuals find and master precision and focus on their thoughts and ideas and executing them with a dash of charisma and confidence.

His numerous accolades, successful speaking and communication-related careers, worldwide affirmation, and historic contributions have seen Nick leave his footprints in the sands of public speaking, storytelling, and communication industries. His reputation precedes him, and he is undoubtedly one of the most gifted and skilled communication theorists worldwide. Nick has authored books for Harvard Business Press, some of which include;

- On running a meeting (2002)
- Working the Room: How to Move People to Action Through Audience-Centred Speaking (2003)
- Give Your Speech, Change the World: How To Move Your Audience to Action (2005)
- Power Cues: The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Impact on (2014)
Some of his other notable masterpieces include;
- Trust Me: Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma (2008)
- Steps to a Great Speech (2010)
- How to Read Body Language (2011)
- The King’s Speech (2014)
- How to Tell Great Business Stories (2011)
- How to Give a Great Presentation (2012)
- Can You Hear Me? : How to Connect with People in a Virtual World (2018)

When he was only 17 years, Nick was seriously injured from a toboggan injury. This life-changing accident would leave Nick in a coma where he died for 15 minutes. After being shocked back to life, the doctors and nurses ran tests to see if his brain was still functioning. He tested fine but had lost his ability to read body language. After so much struggle, Nick had to retrain himself step by step, by studying other people’s body language.
His interest and expertise in the communications field grew every day, leading to his entry into a related career where he taught Shakespeare at the University of Virginia and Princeton University and wrote political speeches for the Governor of Virginia Charles Robb. Nick would go on to found his own communications consulting company in 1997.


[4:04] Nick describes the origin of his passion and life commitment towards his career in communication
[8:30] Nick’s afterlife experience
[10:38] Learn more about intimate, personal, social and public space. And how you can use it to your advantage
[16:20] Nick’s different experiences as a teacher and speechwriter for the governor
[21:15] Nick’s experience, advice and tips on storytelling
[28:35] The virtual world and its effects on communication
[30:00] A quick dive into Nick’s book world
[31:20] Public speaking through Nick’s view
[33:43] Ted talks
[36:17] Nick’s favorite place for public speaking
[38:13] Thought leadership
[40:25] The challenge of focusing on one activity at a time.
[43:24] Nick’s writing schedule


You can reach Nick through:
Facebook @publicwords
Twitter @publicwords
Linkedin Public Words

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