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Podcasting Your Global Career

Sep 13, 2019

James features an old friend in this episode of dHarmic Evolution. Carol Schulte is the woman who never sits still, as defined by James. She is a public speaker, a traveler, a forefront of transformation, and a brave, courageous woman. Clearly, she is being empowered by her experiences, and these enable her to empower others as well, particularly women.

Conversation Highlights:

[03:01] How’s Carol? 
[07:24] Dr. Seuss’ Metaphor
[09:48] Women’s Bravery
[10:53] The Three Bravery Killers
[15:56] Bereavement
[20:00] The Bangle Story
[23:34] Bungee Jumping Experience
[32:26] Amanda as Master of  Travel
[39:40 ] Looking Forward

Great Quotes from Carol Schulte:

[09:11] “The perfect moment will not magically arrive. ...I really believe that comfort and growth cannot co-exist, and if you are not growing in your life, then, you’ll not gonna feel successful.”

[14:00] “Being able to see women doing things that you never thought they could, and it becomes possible for, after that, that’s freedom powerful.”

[25:22] “Courage is not maybe an act of doing, but actually, it’s an act of being...being brave enough to be you.”

Interesting Interview Moments:

[7:24] Dr. Seuss Metaphor

Carol shares that one of her favorite books is  Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Places You’ll Go. This book talks about the ‘waiting place’, and she mentions the two types of waiting which are: those that are in our control and those that are out of our control. According to her, those moments which are in our control are more detrimental to us. 

[9:48] Women’s Bravery

On bravery, she mentioned that both men and women are brave. However, women have a harder time compared to men because women spend more time analyzing, thinking things through, taking care of everyone around them, and building relationships. 

[10:53] The Three Bravery Killers

The three bravery killers enumerated by Carol are Perfectionism, People-Pleasing, and Procrastinating. These are big things for women. Women have to be conscious when they are giving in to one of these bravery killers so they can recognize it. Upon recognizing, they have to do things differently.

[11:35] Making a Difference through Public Speaking and Women Empowerment

There are two things that give a huge rush to Carol, and these are public speaking and giving empowerment to women through different events like skydiving and surfing. Public speaking enables her to create ‘aha’ moments that are powerful while her events with women make her experience confidence and celebration. 

[14:11] Carol as the Forefront of Transformation, a Cheerleader

Though she can transform the lives of women, Carol mentions that it’s the people themselves who are catalysts of the change. She also says that she is more of a cheerleader, and her mom is her best cheerleader. She then narrated her lowest moment, and that's the death of her beloved mother. Carol even shared about the lost bangle which is her connection to her.

[23:34] The Lady’s Vlog

Carol speaks about her vlog for it shares what it means to be brave and courageous. She excitedly tells her bungee jumping her birthday suit! She mentions that her vlog sends the message that the biggest act of courage is to be yourself.

[27:09] Carol on Pressure, Social Media, and Depression

Here, Carol stresses that we should be conscious of our mental health. She also says that exposure to social media can cause pressure and may result in depression. She mentions that social media is not real and that we should not compare yourself to what’s posted there.

[32:26] Carol as Master of Travel

She passionately says that the people whom she met in her travel are the ones that make her travel unique and special. Travel makes her curious and leads her to do something a bit different. At this point in time, Carol does not travel in order to escape. Now, it’s more on work and to make a magical relationship.

[39:40] Carol Looking Forward

Carol looks forward to finishing her book in the next six months, and she will also be launching a brave leadership program in October. She plans to work with twelve women for six months.

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