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Jul 19, 2019

MoeDeLL joins James for this episode of the dHarmic Evolution podcast to discuss his passion for music and his new album “There It Is”. Growing up in Portsmouth, Virginia, Moe lived with his mom and his grandparents and he remembers there always being music playing in the house: The Eagles, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Fleetwood Mac, and Waylon Jennings to name a few. When he was 9 years old, he started taking private guitar lessons, and the rest is history. While his grandmother is the inspiration for a lot of his songs, he finds that he also writes frequently about his grandfather, though they didn’t always get along.

For the past 16 years, he has been a full-time Americana musician, currently averaging about 250 shows per year in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Virginia, and the Carolinas. Some gigs are solo, such as house concerts or sets at assisted living facilities, whereas corporate concerts or weddings might be with his full band. Until a few years ago, Moe was a rock’n’roll artist, but he had an epiphany while playing around with the sound of his song “Devil’s Lake” that gradually caused him to change his style to Americana. He felt that Americana allowed him to tell more of a story than rock’n’roll.
Moe’s must-have writing materials are coffee, a pencil, and paper, and he finds that he does his best creating in the morning or while waiting for a show to start. He loves to just fiddle around with new sounds, a practice that began in his childhood when he would mute the television and play his guitar along with what he saw on the screen. His dream job would be to write film scores, but until John Williams calls it quits, Moe will stick to his favorite gigs at assisted living facilities, Cowboy Jacks, and Beaner’s. He just joined the Midwest Country Music Association and he looks forward to potentially collaborating with some of his fellow members in the future.


“Even if it was just my mom listening, I would still get a joy out of writing music.”

“I’m infatuated with writing and lyrics and words.”

“I didn’t feel like my old lyrics really told a story.”

“In the morning, you may feel cloudy because you just woke up, but your mind is technically at its most fresh because you haven’t had the things of the day stifle you.”

“As a musician, you know your place.”

“Time has a way of drawing us closer.”

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